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How to turn on quick chat in among us ?

Among us update the game and now quick chat is available for both android and pc. But if you have trouble enabling quick chat in among us then follow this article. You can easily turn on quick chat in among us if you follow the steps in the blog below.

Among us game update on march 5 2021 brings a brand new feature in the chat option and that is a quick chat. The quick chat feature in among us helps to increase the chat experience of the user. Let’s find out how you can easily turn on quick chat in among us.

If you haven’t know what’s new in among us quick chat update then you can read the article link in below:

Video Tutorial

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Steps To Turn On Quick Chat In Among Us

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Follow the stepwise process below to enable quick chat in among us. You even can watch the video tutorial above.

Step 1: Update Among Us

At first, you need to update among us game. Update links for both pc and android are below:

For PC: 

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For Android:

how to disable quick chat in among us

Step 2: Open Among Us

Now open among us game. When you open you will definitely see the option to fill up the date of birth. Here note that if you fill in the date of birth below 13 years old then you get quick chat only. That you can’t use normal or free chat so be careful and fill in the date of birth above 13 years old.

among us date of birth

Step 3: Go to ‘Chat Type’

Then go to the Online then to the Find game and you will see a toggle button. One is a free chat and another is quick chat only. Choose quick chat only then you are done.

how to enable quick chat in among us

Chat Type

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Mostly there are two types of chat systems in among us. And they are:-

Free or Quick Chat

This option lets you play among us both in free chat or normal chat and you also have quick chat in this option.

Quick Chat Only

In this option, you aren’t able to type in chat in among us. That means you only can use the quick chat.
Done. This is how you easily can enable or turn on quick chat in among us.

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These steps are easy and I hope you like these steps to turn on quick chat in among us. And comment below if you have any trouble while enabling quick chat in among us.

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