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How to download among us submarine map mod?

On June 26, 2021, the famous YouTuber 5sup has finally published the among us new submarine map. It’s time for you to download among us submerged map mod on PC

I respect for him that he made a fully new map with ultimate graphics better than among us. In the Livestream, he has opened many mystery boxes about the map and his project. However, they haven’t given the download link yet. So, today we’re here to give you the download link to the submarine map soon.

The greatest thing in the among us game is that the developer of the among us game “Innersloth” approved the submarine map. Therefore, it is not an illegal map like others. Currently, among us has also given us the treasure of the new roadmap map. The download link will be given below.

How to Download Among us Submarine Mod?

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For downloading among us submarine mod, there is only one way. As I already told you that the 5up is the Youtuber or gamer. He and his group was working on a new among us custom map project and they have finally finished it. 

However, it took 50k dollars for him to make the submerged  mod. He told us in the stream that the only way to download this map is you need to pay him. They could have made some bad and dumb map if they make it cheap.

I respect the 5up because I’m 100% sure he could have given it to all of the people for free. However, he didn’t make the map alone. He said that there were so many creators to make this submarine map. So, without their permissionhe can’t make it free for all even the Innersloth approved submarine map. 

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So, you need to contribute to him to play among us submerged map. It was not his fault to give it for free because, in business, money is everything in the world. If the creators give permission, then the map will be free for play.

Contact info

By sending an email to the user, and by paying you may be allowed to play the submarine map in among us. Here is the email: [email protected]

How Much Money Does it Cost?

Among Us Submarine map


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Currently, he has not told us about the payment we have to pay to allow us to play the submarine map. But according to my prediction, it could be between 1$ to 10$ to buy a submerged mod. But it will not be so expensive as millions of players are here who play among us.

You need only one person to pay for the map. If the one person gives the money and takes the map. He can play on the submarine map as well as his friends who are in his lobby. 

I mean that if you or one of your friends buy among us submarine map, you can also play on the submarine map without paying. If a paid person makes the room and invites others, they can also play on the submarine map without paying. So, it’s not so expensive as only one person needs to buy a submerged map.

Can we download among us submarine map for free?

Download Among Us Submerged Map

We may and also can’t. I mean it’s bad and almost illegal for us to give the submarine map to you even if we buy them. I mean if you can’t pay then you don’t need to download it for free. please don’t trust other sites who will say you can download among us for free because they are all worse people.

Download link: Coming Soon

I mean if they download the among us submarine mod and release the data file to his siteyou can download but it’s almost like 5up made it by working hard and you just download paid for free just because you liked it. Instead of doing it that way, convince the creators, they may make it free.

Don’t lose your hope. You can still play the new 2021 airship map and don’t worry. Among us will publish a new roadmap map this year or next 2022. Just keep your patience.

Can we play with us submarine map on mobile?

I’m sorry for the android and ios users. Unfortunately, the 5up didn’t mention that we can play the new map on android or ios. Therefore, you couldn’t play among us submerged map in android or ios even if you pay for submarine map or join in submarine map lobby. I hope they will add it on android and ios soon.


Here, I hope this post gives you the valuable information to download among us a submarine map or submerged map mod

Please forgive me if it wastes your time as I didn’t provide you with the download link as I mentioned you to provide because I feel bad for the developer if I do this kind of bad or illegal way. I hope you also get what I mean and feel free to follow/subscribe to us in blogs for others among us and gaming posts.

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