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How to Make a Twitch Banner

Twitch banners can showcase your personality as well as passion. It is a way to get recognition among the audience. People believe in what they see and that is why showcasing has become quite important. 
With a Twitch banner, you are no more alone, people are going to cheer for your channel. Also, it helps in gaining more followers.

As the cover image of your channel, the twitch banner attracts people and invites them to join. The use of unique art and brilliant combination of theme and color keeping pace with the content make the banner eye-catching.

That is why a twitch banner is necessary for streamers. Now, you might be already wondering how to make a twitch banner? Give a 10-minute read to our article; hopefully, you will have enough information by the end of the article.

How to make a twitch banner

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One must always make sure that the elements of the banner stay mostly on the left side and as wider as possible. It actually depends on the user’s browser whether the banner will stretch or not.

The ideal size for twitch banner would be 1920 x 480 pixels. Still, the cover might change keeping pace with the browser window. Making a twitch banner is now much easier, thanks to Adobe Spark.

The advantages you are getting with it are-

  • It is free.
  • You won’t need any special skills.
  • It takes a few minutes to go through the process.
  • Professionally designed templates save your time.
  • You can shower your creativity here.
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Also, there are some templates displayed so that you don’t feel like a newbie while editing. 

Steps To Make Twitch Banner

To know how to make a twitch banner, simply follow the below steps:

Step-1- Picking the right dimension

The ideal recommended twitch banner size is 1920 px by 480 px. The file types can come in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format and a maximum 10MB files can be uploaded. However, it’s not necessary to stick to this size.

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You may go with your ideal sizing. You will find post canvas sizes in adobe Spark which are befitting as twitch banners. Remember, the measurement can be according to your own custom too.

Step-2 Identifying your theme

Here you will see a number of themes to pick. You should choose the one that compliments your channel and content.

Step-3 Choosing an image

In terms of choosing images, adobe spark features two options-

  • You can choose from your own photo file from PC ( own image or branded image).
  • Adobe spark has almost a thousand free images you can use.

Step-4 Customizing your typography

In the adobe spark, you will find a hundred options. Many typeface options may match your choice and requirement. But you must pick one that breaths life to your channel. Simply select the typeface option and paste your text at the text box.

Step-5 Downloading and uploading your twitch banner

Are you done making the custom twitch banner with adobe spark? Now, you may download it and upload it to your account. There you go! You have a banner designed by you. It’s really easy!

Why would you choose adobe spark to make a twitch banner?

Because of having interfaces, you can work easily with adobe spark. It features – Beautiful typography, Iconic Imagery, and Professional themes. 
So, it’s easier to customize according to your choice. In most cases, we see cookie-cutter banners which provide a little personal information showcasing your channel. 
Those are not much of a help as banners; they fail to catch the audience’s attention. Being easily mixed with the crowd, they become almost non-existent.

The good news is that adobe park won’t create a similar problem.

Here, you are picking themes, background images, color, and size on your own choice. That’s how you are different from everyone suddenly. Moreover, you can make it more attractive by adding your own photo.

What to add in a twitch banner?

Your banner should be able to tell people what your channel is about. It is the face of your channel. So you must add your name, schedule, channel URL, social media tags, partnerships, and sponsors. 
However, make sure not to make the partnership or sponsors are not dominating the banner visually. Above all, you must use a quality illustration or graphic design.

Make sure your twitch banner is meeting the criteria of the target audience. Find out the genre that suits your target audience and make the theme of your banner according to that theme. Not to mention, it has to be readable.


Twitch banner making includes not only skills but also good software. However, you don’t have to be pro if you use Adobe Spark. Hope this content was helpful enough to answer the question How to make a Twitch banner?

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