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How to Download GTA V Lite for PC

Grand theft Auto V is an amazing open world pc game. Everyone in the world knows about Gta 5. As you know everyone wants to play this game but not everyone can. So today in our tutorial, learn how to download gta v lite for pc.

Even though it’s modern generation some of the gamer’s pc can’t support Gta 5 or someone can’t do live playing Gta V. Well, with an absolutely amazing idea, a youtube called Levitation 24 has made the lite version of GTA V called GTA V lite.

But it will take time for the game. Yes, Today we are gonna tell you the exact steps and information to download GTA v lite for pc.

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Levitation 24 is a youtube that has made the high Pc games into a lite version so that low end Pc users can enjoy good games. Similarly, he planned to make gta v lite and he has finished it completely. Now it’s time for him to release the game. But the main question is how to download gta v lite. Without further ado, let’s see the steps to download gta v lite.

How To Download Gta V Lite ?

To download Gta V Lite officially, you need to go to his youtube channel ” Levitation 24″. Then Click the GTA V lite video which will be coming soon. Then go to the description or comment. There will be a download link that you need to click. And boom the gta v lite version is downloaded. Go and install it now!

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Download Link:

Update Of GTA V LIte

Features Of Gta 5 Lite

For Low End Pc

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The main objective of Gta 5 lite was to support this game on Low End Pc. To do that developer Levitation_4D has Reduced graphics and texture quality as well as the size of the game. But just reducing things won’t help to reduce lag. The developer has really worked hard for it.


The Size of Gta 5 lite is 44Gb which is almost impossible to say. The creators have worked hard to make the original Gta 5 game into a lite version with such a low size.


The best thing is the price of this game is free. This means anyone can download this game and play it on their devices. Now they don’t have to pay anymore.


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Even though the game has been compressed GTA 5 lite has included all the missions except the first prolog mission due to some lag and Glitches.


As I said, the map is complete as there are complete missions. Not only the map but all cars, easter eggs, everything is included.

Pro And Cons Of Gta 5 Lite


Now Every Low End PC User can play Gta 5

It is Free so you don’t need to waste any money

You can use Cheats and Glitches as well as Mods. But Developer has recommended not to use any mods.

You can play this game on your Laptop too.


Graphics, Textures, Shadow, and reflection has been reduced

We may face many bugs and Glitches

Rockstar Company may band this game as a violation because this game was a copy version of Gta 5 made by a Developer who is not from Rockstar Company

We can’t wait for Gta 5 lite version to release on February 7. But I am suspecting that Gta 5 lite may have too many lags and bugs as it is completely edited.


As Levitation_4D has already given a tutorial, you can now play gta v lite on your pc easily. This is how you can download and play gta v(gta 5) on your pc. Comment below if you have any doubts or problems with our tutorial.

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