How to Hide History in Mobile Legends

how to hide history in mobile legends

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is one of the most popular games in the world. While Playing Mobile Legends, you’ve achieved many victories and defeats that are saved in history. In this tutorial learn how you can hide game history in Mobile Legends.

You have played thousands of matches using different heroes. But sometimes there can be a problem. Like getting lose streak, defeats and getting a bronze medal, or even losing with bots. And it’s more annoying when people see you lose streak history.

Any players are allowed to see your profile. Hence, when some players come and see your match history with a losing streak, they will probably call you a bad player when you lose because of the random team. Hence, you might want to make your history hide.

But not only that there is also a possibility that someone wants to see your pro build of your hero. so if you wanna make them not see your builds and matches then let’s see how can you hide history in Mobile Legends.

Video Tutorial

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How To Hide In Game History In Mobile Legends?

In old times, it was so hard to hide history. Like you need to have 2 accounts for advanced and original and need to Hide history from advanced so that you can hide in the original. But Now motion has already updated the game where players are allowed to hide their history. So without any further ado, let’s how to hide your history in mobile legends:

Step 1: Open Mobile Legends

First, open Mobile Legends Bang Bang on your android phone.

Step 2: Open Settings

Click on / Go to settings (icon) on the top of the right corner.

how to hide history in ml

Step 3: Go to Privacy Settings

Then go to privacy settings on the left side.

how to hide history on mobile legends

Step 4: Click Off

Now, click on “Off” in history.

hide history in mobile legends

Boom! Your History is hidden now ( you can tell your friends to check whether it is hidden or not to make it sure 100%)

The methods are simple; just go to settings > Privacy > Hide history. You can also see other privacy options which can help you play safely without any disturbance.

Pros Of Hiding history

When you are using your main hero and own custom build and win the match someone might want to copy your build. So when they come to check your history, they will not be able to see it as your history is hidden.
While playing custom or 1v1, someone might check your in-game history to know more about your strength. But by hiding it they will not know anything about you and you can win.
If someone stalks your account to know how much you play, they can’t know.
When you got lose streaks, bronze medals, etc, toxic players can’t check your history and bully you


Players won’t know whether you are better or worse. So They may not play with you
Your friends will just say you are a coward as you are hiding your history because of losing streaks.


This is how you can hide history in mobile legends. Comment below if you have any doubts while following our tutorial.


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