How to Pre Register Apex Legends Mobile 2022

How to Pre Register Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile global release is coming closer and closer. Apex Legends Mobile release date has been finally announced. In this tutorial, learn how to pre register Apex Legends Mobile on android and ios.

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Apex Legend Mobile is releasing this month and all apex legends lovers can download this game from app store or playstore or any other store.

Apex Legends is a shooting battle royale free PC and console game. It is a unique battle royale game with different features and facilities. Similarly, Apex Legends Mobile is gonna be a great success for developers.

Apex Legends Mobile is gonna shake the mobile gaming world by presenting new battle royale games like PUBG, Freefire, and COD.

Eve since the soft launch earlier this year, content creators and others are waiting for this game to release.

Official Update: You can now pre-register for Apex Legends Mobile and wait for the of game launch to download and enjoy the rewards.

Let’s See How to Pre Register Apex Legends Mobile

The global launch of Apex Legends Mobile is set to be on May 17 aka the release date of Apex Legends Mobile is on May 17, 2022.
We can’t wait to try our legends on mobile.

The first view Apex Legends Mobile trailer is shown on Twitter and youtube. Now you can take a look at all of your favorite legends that are expected to be available at the launch of this game. However, the trailer shows no gameplay.

Many content creators have shown the soft launch gameplay of Apex Legends Mobile. so luckily, we can see the gameplay of apex legends mobile on mobile.

Video Tutorial

You can Pre Register the game before it is released. Here are the steps to Pre-register Apex Legends Mobile.

Pre-register Apex Legends Mobile For android

Go on Google App Store/ Google Play Store

Search Apex Legends

Pre Register Apex Legends Mobile

Click on Pre- Register

How to Pre Register Apex Legends Mobile on android

Done. Wait for beta release.

Pre Register Apex Legends Mobile on android

Pre-register Apex Legends Mobile For Ios

Search the official EA website

Go to Apex Legends Mobile page

Click on Pre-Register & Updates for iOS

Fill up the email ID that is linked with your Apple ID

Fill up your birthdate

Fill up your region

Finally, click on submit to complete the process

By doing this you can get notifications on android or ios when the game is officially released.

Apex Legends Mobile not showing on Playstore

I told you the steps to Pre-Register Apex Legends Mobile. But for many android users, you can face the problems where Apex Legends mobile is not showing on playstore. There are many reasons for it like your device is not compaitable with this version or there is setting changes by which only released game is shown on play store. To solve this problem here are a few steps.

Go on any browser

Search Apex Legends Mobile

Scroll down and there should be a Playstore website

Click on that Page ( If a dialogue box appears open with play store)

Now your play store will be opened and Pre- Register button will be available.

But if it shows your device is not compatible with this version then your android can’t meet up the system requirements. However, if you have high-end device but still showing that problem then wait for the official game to come out.


This is how you can pre register apex legends mobile on your android and ios. Comment below if you are also waiting for the game to be released.


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