How To Become A Pro Gamer: 7 Actionable Tips In 2022

how to become a pro gamer

It’s always a dream for any gamer to become a pro gamer because of the pride and excitement involved with it. Here we learn some best tips and tricks to become a professional gamer.

Well, your wish is granted!


7 Actionable Tips To Become Pro Gamer

Here are the 7 actionable tips on how to be a pro gamer:

1Find Your Right Reason

become a pro gamer

You cannot put your efforts into something constantly without motivation. You need a reason that truly satisfies you to put your heart into it.

I have seen tons of people who play a game and switch to another game just after a week or a month. This is because the game doesn’t offer them a reason to keep playing.

What motivates people to play a particular game for years is the satisfaction of growing as a player or the sense of having a contribution to your team or maybe something else.

You need to find the right reasons that keep you motivated in the long run. If you think reasons like making money or getting famous will get you anywhere, it is very likely that you might run out of steam after a short period.

Your reason should not be something out of greed, but something you feel. Loving the game makes a whole lot of difference, it lets you put your time into the game and aligning your gear while having fun.


2Make the right choice

games for pro gamer

It’s extremely important that you pick the right game for you. It varies from person to person what game they will be good at and what kind of game they have fun playing.

To find that you should try a variety of games of different genres. You may be into fighting games, shooting games, adventure games, etc.

What comes next is what you want. It may be very well possible that you want to become a gaming streamer. In such a case you should stick to a game that has great popularity, like Counter-Strike or League of Legends.

Then you should think about your resources. If you cannot have a 240-hertz monitor and an RTX graphics card, your choice gets narrowed down to medium and low graphics requirement games. 

Honestly speaking, it’s easier to become a gamer if you have got money. But it’s not that you cannot become a gamer with limited resources.

You just have to then play the games that don’t require much RAM and graphics. In such cases where you are on limited resources, adventure games are better suited as you will not be at a disadvantage because of graphics and stuff.

Those of you who have a console might face issues in streaming as such console streams are likely to get blocked. But it’s not that streaming with a console is not possible. You will then have to use a capture card; you can surf about it on the net if this interests you.

To sum up, here, you need to pick a game that you have fun playing, suits your needs (like a popular game for streaming purposes) and can be played with the number of resources you have.

3Have suitable gear and improve your gaming system

gaming equipment for gamer

To become a gaming professional, you will need the right equipment so that you can be your best. Like a keyboard or mouse that suits you.

Like if you play a high graphics game, upgrading your systems ram and getting a CPU cooler is likely to boost your system’s performance.

This will then add to your skills and help you play like a pro!

If you want to be a gaming streamer then you might look into getting a better camera and upgrading your play space.

The most essential things you need are a good headset, a good gaming system, and a good control system (keyboard, mouse, etc).

4Practice, Practice and Practice!

join team to become a professional gamer

The meaning of being a “Professional” at something is that you are really good at it and can do it comfortably with minimum effort. To be a pro gamer, you need to be really exposed to the style and controls.

Gaming generally involves reflexes, especially shooting games. If you are really used to the controls and the game, your hands react naturally to the situation.

This is the very thing that separates a pro gamer from the others. If you have ever seen esports competitions, you may have very well seen precision in the actions of the gamers.

To be that good, the most important thing to do is practice. See interviews of any professional gamer, there will not be anyone saying that they got professional in a week or a month.

You can’t become a pro gamer in one day, it takes at least a few months to get comfortable with a game. To get super good at the game, it can even take a year. Esports players usually have at least 1-2 years of experience at the specific game.

A major thing to keep in mind is that you don’t get hooked on multiple games altogether, it’s better to stick to a single game and get good at it.


5Have a Balanced Lifestyle

how to become youtuber gamer

This is really crucial. If you truly want to be a professional gamer then you need to be active too. 

Don’t think that just sitting in a chair the whole day eating nachos with a cold drink will make you a gamer. 

You need to make sure that you practice your chosen game a lot, but not by ruining your lifestyle.

Play the game but also have a healthy lifestyle. Eat a good diet and do exercise daily. If you become a couch potato then you will have to pay a hefty price. It can lead to serious health issues, especially back issues that might require surgery!

Listen to music with the best music devices as it refreshes your mind like anything!

Also, having an active social life as it improves mental health and focus. It will also help you stay motivated in the long run.


6Join a team

how to become a gamer

Once you have built a reputation as a pro gamer, finding and joining a team is the next step. Playing with other professionals with different skills gives you a growing environment.

Team games like CS: GO need players who play well with each other. In such a game’s teamwork is extremely important.

You can surf the internet and visit sites like Team find and if you are good enough, an official Team might recruit you.

Teams often receive competition invitations, so it’s a great place to grow as a gamer.


7Enjoy as You Go Pro

how to become a professional gamer

The very purpose of gaming is enjoyment. There are many people trying to become a gamer but, they forget to have fun as they climb the steps to become a gamer.

What comes out of this is that stress will start to build up. If you see the streams of successful gamers, usually what they are doing is having fun. 

Don’t let the pressure build up, it’s essential for a gamer to relax. If you are too tense, then you won’t be able to play well.

If you do feel a lack of enjoyment, it’s preferred to stop playing for a few days. If this does not help, switching to a different game for a while will be good.


EXTRA TIP: Look Out for New Game Releases!

become a professional gamer

All the popular games these days with esports tournaments and stuff already have a lot of popular gamers. It’s tough to make your name in these games.

So, it’s recommended to know about releases from major game developers like Ubisoft and Epic Games.

You can make a name in a newly released game that had a hype built up with its teasers. Also, such games bring a lot of updates to improve their meta.

Such updates will also keep you engaged and avoid boredom. You will also have a good chance to make your name like a pro!


check new game release

The gaming industry is huge, and it keeps growing. The esports tournaments also have got a great viewer fanbase and also become a professional gamer and get paid from tournaments.

There are tons of big upcoming projects, and with such vast growth, the careers of the popular faces in the industry will also flourish.

If you love playing video games and want to become a gamer, you could do so by following some important guidance I brought to you by looking into the careers and backgrounds of some of the famous gamers.

Firstly, you need motivation that will push you towards your goal. Have a reason connected to the feeling you get while gaming like the satisfaction of getting better.

You also need to pick a game that you love playing. Keep your resources and skills in mind while making a choice.

Then you need to make sure you practice that game a lot. Don’t think you will become a pro in a month, it usually takes a lot of time to get good at a game.

Don’t neglect your health. Have a balanced lifestyle so that your body and mind stay fit. Do exercise daily to maintain a good posture.

Get some good gear that suits you and upgrade your system. Technical enhancements will add up to your skills.

Play some competitions and make a name. Then find a team for yourself. Joining a team will give you a growing space as a gamer. It will also give you a lot of experience.

Look out for new mega game releases. Try your luck in them as they give you a fair opportunity to shine.

Lastly, while you are at it don’t forget to have fun!


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