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How to Install PPSSPP Games on PC

Ppsspp games are also known as consoles games or pc games. To play ppsspp games on pc we need to use ppsspp emulator. In this tutorial, learn how you can install ppsspp games on your pc.

Ppsspp Emulator is the app where you can play psp games using your android or mobile phone directly. As you know PSP games are very popular and have got high graphics and good quality.

Not only Pc but you can also play some of the consoles game using ppsspp emulator. The ppsspp games are very popular in 2021 and will be in 2022.

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There is a ppsspp emulator exe file that can run all ppsspp games on pc. Let’s move forward with the tutorial.

Video Tutorial

Steps To Download And Install ppsspp Games on PC

Follow the steps below to download and install ppsspp games on your pc.

Step 1: Download ppsspp emulator for pc

Firstly, download the ppsspp emulator from the official website. The download link is below.

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how to download ppsspp emulator on pc

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Step 2: Install ppsspp Emulator

After your download is completed, now double click on ppsspp emulator to install it on your pc.

how to install ppsspp emulator on pc

Step 3: Download ppsspp Games

Now, download the ppsspp games iso files. You can get these files on the internet and you just need to download it. For example, I have downloaded the Dragon Ball Z – Tenkaichi Tag Team.

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Step 4:Extract Iso File

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Now using a Winrar extract the iso file from the ppsspp games file that you downloaded above on step 3.

extract ppsspp games on pc

Alternatively, you can use ppsspp emulator to extract iso files. Open Ppsspp emulator and locate your zip file and click on it then click on install to install ppsspp games and then you are done. Ppsspp games successfully installed.

install ppsspp games on pc
Step 1
install ppsspp games pc
Step 2
how to download and install ppsspp games on pc
Step 3

Step 5: Locate Iso File & Run Game

Now we need to find out the game file. Usually, we need to locate the game file that we extracted on step 4 and then we just need to open that iso file. Finally, we run the game. Setup the controls and enjoy the ppsspp games on your pc.

how to play ppsspp games on pc
download dragon ball z tenkaichi tag team ppsspp
Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team

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This is how you can play psp games on your pc easily. I hope you find our tutorial to download and install ppsspp game on pc. Comment below if you have any problems on our tutorial.

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