Download Among Us v2022.03.29s for Pc [Chat Unlocked]

download among us v2022.03.29s for pc

Among us recently updated a game and now the latest version is 2022.03.29s. So today I will show you how you can download among us the latest version for pc.

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You can easily download this new updated among us 2022.03.29s for pc easily following our steps.

Actually, I am also a developer and I don’t want to pirate any games. So I recommend you to buy the official game from steam or epic games.

Error You Faced While Using Cracked Version

When you use this cracked version, you may face the error below.


Something went wrong with signing into your account. Please try again later (Error FailedEpicAuthToken) 

Video Tutorial

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Steps to Download Among Us 2022.03.29s

Follow the step below to download among us game for free in pc and unlock the free chat at the end.

Step 1:Download Among Us

Yes, you need to download that among us zip files.

Step 2: Download Patch

There is a patch in Github the link is below. Download that patch .exe file. 
Note: While downloading the patch window will detect it as a virus. But it is a patch, not a virus. So first turn off windows protection and download the patch.

unlock free chat in among us after april update
run among us free chat patcher

Step 3: Run Patch

As this patch doesn’t have an official developer, you may get some security warnings. so ignore that warning and run the patch.

among us free chat patch

Step 4: Open Among Us

Now, after doing this open you among us game. Whether you are using official or non-official this patch will work on both I think. So open the game.
Note: I am using an unofficial version of among us and this patch works well on my game. So to those steam players please comment below if this will work for you or not?

fix can't chat after airship update
Fix Among Us Error NullContinuanceToken

Enjoy!! Check the free chat is unlocked and now you can type in chat. 

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I had both among us on steam and epic games but if you could please buy the official because buying official will increase the motivation of the developer. That we can see many future updates from developers.

Comment below if you have download among us 2022.03.29s and play with free chat unlocked and changing the name.


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