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How to change your date of birth in among us?

Among Us new features, quick chat makes many players disappointed because many of among us players submitted random date of birth or age or birthday after the update. Thus, those players got chat type quick chat only.

I am one of those players. Even I change my keyboard I can’t type in chat and stuck in chat in among us. After research, for some time I saw a tweet of among us about age restriction in the new among us march update.

So to fix this problem we need to reset our birthday or date of birth or age in among us. Today I will show you how you can change your date of birth in among us on both pc and mobile.

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While changing age in among us you can reset among us. Both in pc and android, you can uninstall the game and again reinstall among us game. After that, you can again submit the date of birth in among us.

But I will show you how you can change date of birth without uninstalling among us game.

Change Date Of Birth In Among Us Pc

There are 3 solutions which I have identified from where you can change your age in steam. Now, Let’s see our first method.

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Guardian’s E-mail 

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To change your age in among us steam, you need guardian’s permission. This means that if you are under 18, you are not allowed to play among us freely. 

how to change age in among us pc
change your age in among us
how to change age in among us steam
change age in among us pc

So, among us need to confirm permission from your guardian. To do that you need to fill the box with Guardian’s email. To describe it in detail, here are the steps to change your age:

So, You see it’s very simple. But please if you are under 13, you really need to take permission from guardians so that no one will harm you. But if you are above 13, then you should use it. Now, Let’s move to the next solution.

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Note: Among us has said that under 13 are restricted to play it without guardian’s permission. However, you should always put your age above 18. Among us bug will not allow anyone to play freely except those who are above 18.

2. Informing Among Us

If you buy among us then you can mail among us for changing age. But what I get in reply is shown below. So, it is rare that they will fix this age problem.

how to change age in among us from mail

3.Using Hack 

This is the final method that works for both official and unofficial among us players. Here you need to follow some different steps.

Step 1: Download My PlayerPrefs File

Now download my playerprefs file from the link below.


change random name in among us

Step2:Replace playerprefs file

Simply Press Window +R and Type “AppData” then press ok. Then move to folder “LocalLow”  then “Innersloth” and to the “Among us” folder. 

how to change your date of birth in among us

Alternatively, go to “Local C:” then “Users” then “your pc username” and then  “Appdata” then “LocalLow”  then “Innersloth” and to “Among us” folder. 

Step 3:Paste File

Then paste that file into that folder. Remember you need to replace it.

download latest among us free in pc

Step 4: Change Name

Now open that file and change your name. There is “SGDUM” in that file you need to replace it with your name. 

change name in among us pc

Step 5:Make it Read Only

Now right click on playerprefs and then make it read only.

latest among us free pc

Step 8: Run Game

Finally, run the game you find that your name is changed and you can type.

unlock free chat in among us

Enjoy the game. We successfully change the age in among us pc.

Note: On the new version of among us in 2022, this hack isn’t working.

Video Tutorial for Pc

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Change Date Of Birth In Among Us Mobile

There are many ways to change age in among on android. But there are two easiest ways. One is to reinstall your among us directly. Then it will again show you to choose your date of birth. Next is clear data of your among us game.

You can simply uninstall among us game and then install it again from playstore. So I don’t think I need to explain it briefly. Thus, move forward with a clear data method.

Step 1: Open Settings

At first, you need to go to the settings of your mobile or android.

how to change age in among us on android

Step 2: Open Application Manager

Now you need to find an application manager or on many phones, “Apps”.

change age in among us mobile

Step 3: Find Among Us

Now you need to find the among us game. After finding among us game you need to click on it.

how to change your age in among us mobile

Step 4: Clear Data

Now click on “Storage” then find clear data and click it. (Its main function is to clear all the data inside the game without deleting it.)

change date of birth in among us mobile
change date of birth in among us android

Step 5: Change Age

Now launch the among us game and then change the age. But this time don’t forget to submit age or date of birth greater than 13 years.

among us date of birth

Done. Enjoy the game with both free and quick chat.

The steps are very easy of changing age in among us on android.  Reinstall or clear data of your game is the easiest way to change age.

Video Tutorial for Mobile


These are the method to change your age or date of birth in among us in both pc and mobile. I think these methods will help you to change date of birth or birthday and fix stuck in chatcan’t type in chat problem. Comment below if you have any doubts.

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  1. I did exactly as it said. I even reinstalled the whole game including the config folder in AppData/Localflow/Innersloth. It still will not let me do free chat. I managed to change the username but that was all. It requests me to put a guardian email in.

  2. This doesn't work anymore. It appears that the information is now being stored remotely. It has nothing to do with Steam or Epic. It's the Among Us peeps. Uninstalling won't work. Finding the date of birth in another file now, since it no longer appears where this article says, doesn't help. deleting the files or editing them do nothing. It gets replaced the next time the game runs. Once you enter the date of birth it's done. I'll be darned if I'm giving them my credit card or date of birth and ssn last four just to prove I'm an adult. These guys made a bad decision.


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