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Download Among Us Sherrif Mod For Pc and Android

Now you can finally play the new among us Sherrif mod on your Pc and Android device. You have to follow the steps carefully to download this Sherrif mod. It’s extremely difficult for newbies or beginners but I’ll show you the easiest way to download this mod.

Nowadays, among us, developers are really working hard for making a perfect airship map. You might have been bored playing among us on the same role and the same map. 

So, the programmers coded and represent the new Sherrif mod. As I haven’t made this mod myself. Now, I am going to share with you how to download new among us sherrif mod for pc and android.

Steps to download among us Sherrif mode on Pc

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Many players play the among us on android but usually every among us mods is made for pc, not for android. As also Sherrif mod is actually made by socks the developer for pc. So, I’ll show you the method to download it on pc free in the following steps:

Step 1: Go through the link below to download Sherrif mod from github.


among us mod sheriff download
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Step 2: Then scroll down and download the 1.01 version( Make sure your steam version is 12.9s or it will not work).

download among us sheriff mod pc

Step 3: After downloading it, open WinRAR or 7z copy/cut the whole files inside it, make a new folder and paste it on your desktop.

among us mod sheriff

Step 4: Now, Open Steam and go among us.

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Step 5: Right Click>Manage>Browse Local Files ( Then the among us files appear.

Step 6: Copy all the files into your desktop( You can easily click the among on the top bar>Ctrl+C > Paste on desktop).

Step 7: Then open the old folder you created and copy all the things inside it, then paste it into the among us folder.

among us sheriff mod download for pc

Step 8: Click that folder and open “among us. exe”.

Step 9: Create the game on any map and start.

play among us sheriff mod

Important Note:( Make sure that you will play with your friends and all have to download the sheriff mode of version 12.9 s)

So, the method of downloading Sherrif mode is difficult for many beginners but I made it easy than others. Just you need to download, Copy that inner files into the among us file. This will work on the 12.9s version if you haven’t downloaded it from steam. The process will be the same as step 7.

How to download among us Sherrif mode on android

I know your feelings that you may be an android user. As also half of the people usually play among us on android. But there is a very simple way to play it on your android. But this will be a very long process You have to follow my way to download among us sheriff mod apk :

among us sheriff mod download apk

Step 1: Open any browser on your android.

Step 2: Search happymod.

Step 3: Open the happymod in your browser.

Step 4: Then you download this app( You can directly download it but there is less chance of getting it).

Step 5: Then install it and search among us.

Step 6: Click the one made by innersloth.

Step 7: Click on the mods on top bar.

Step 8: Click on the one which has more percentage (%) bar. This will increase the possibility.

Step 9: Wait and download it.

Step 10: Open it and boom now use the mod and turn of sherrif mod.

Important Note: In my android, this works but this will not work for more than 50%. Even it works, you can only play with those who have these mods. So, this is not a good way.

The method is very difficult but it’s very easy when you have happymod already.

Just search among us and download which has the highest possibility.

Rules to play sherrif mod

Although you download it, there is nothing unusual if you download it and don’t know how to play with it. So, here is the few rules described briefly.

  • There will be usually two imposters and two sherrif in this game.
  • The role of an imposter is to kill others without knowing by sherrif or crewmates.
  • The role of sherrif is to find out imposters and kill them.
  • If sherrif kill the wrong person, he himself will die immediately
  • So, this is the fun role in this among us sherrif mod.


This is how you can easily get among us sherrif mod for both pc and android. Leave a comment below if you have any doubts.

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