15 Best Football Games For Android 2022

best football games for android

Football is one of the best categories of sports. Everybody likes to play football. Football is one of the biggest sports. So to make it more exciting we present you with the 15 best football games for android 2022.

It is also knowns as Soccer in the European language. In football, there are hundreds of leagues, thousands of clubs, and thousands of teams. We also bet for the team who wins. We also have a favorite player like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo. Seeing them play makes our hearts exciting.

There are tons of soccer apps in the play store. But we have included the best, unique and popular one. It was very hard for me to choose the best 15 when there are thousands of soccer games for android.

Also, we have included the many football games of 2022 Without further ado, Let’s move on to our top 15 best football games for android 2022.

Top 15 Best Football Games For Android 2022

1Dream League Soccer 2022

Dream League Soccer 2022 also known as Dls 2022 is the best popular and latest football game for android that you can play right now. Dls is the game that added new features and characters and updates every year. This year they have added some incredible features.

Here, you can do anything you want. You can build your team by choosing from 4400 licensed players. This game also has status You can reach legendary status by winning more than 10 cups.

You can edit the stadium, develop it and play football with your team in it. You can buy good and famous players with coins and sell players which you don’t need anymore. You can also play multiplayer with your friends by using your own football players and own club.

You can play different tournaments, vs, friendly, etc. Ingame facilities are also good. There is a reporter who will shout or host the game. When your goal, the people will shout, and a replay will be played with 3d motion.

The graphics are absolutely very high and realistic. The players are made with good detail. The controls are easy and you can do some stunts by swiping your screen. The sound is amazing or perfectly suited to be for the best football games. This game can be supported in low end devices from 1GB ram.

2ePes 2022

ePes 2022 is very popular and one of the best football games for android as well as Pc and Console. ePes 2022 is far more good than Dls 2022 but as ePes2022 is an upcoming game in 2022 in March or April I have included it in no 2.

In ePes 2022 you can play by having very famous clubs like Manchester United, Barcelone, Juventus, etc. You can have a different gameplay experience than any other game. This game will allow you to play multiplayer with your friends with Lan and Online mod.

You can also play globally by using your favorite players. Not only this game has good features but this game update this game once a week or once a month. Also, it changes players’ ability by watching the real live tournament between clubs.

It gives every player different ratings once a week or once a month. It is already dangerous to play console games on android. This game needs a network connection.
The graphics are incredibly amazing with some very realistic features.

Just like dls eFootball Pes 2022 includes host, 3d single and view, and different unique things. The controls of this game are good. You can use different combo and stunts as every player has different abilities. The sound doesn’t matter too much but the host is clear understanding.

3Vive le Football

Vive le Football is the latest popular best football game for android made in 2022. Vive le football games are made by popular developer NetEase company so many of games already know how good this game is.

Unfortunately, this game hasn’t been released on playstore yet so you need to download apk in order to play this game. Vive le Football has the official FifPro Licenses so you can imagine that this game is not small.

The main feature of this game is it has focused on android gaming whereas epes 2022 and Fifa Mobile has not focused on android gaming as they are console games. They have make the players in a very detailed mood.

Even their Walking and running styles are the same as the real footballer. Here first you have to customize your healthy manage and you need to make your club bigger by buying new players by developing or anything.

This game does not only take place in the stadium but takes place in other magical places where you can’t pass or switch players easily. A perfect place to practice.
The graphics are also 3d as realistic as other games.

The control is easy and good as always. You can pass, goal tackle, and do different stunts once you get used to it. The sound is absolutely amazing as made by a popular developer.

4Fifa Soccer 2022

Fifa soccer 2022 is another latest popular football game similar to e FootballPes 2022. Fifa Soccer is also known as Fifa Mobile derived from console to android. Fifa Soccer is also an incredibly fun game.

It will give you the best android gaming experience like vive le football. Fifa Mobile has got 30 leagues where you can make your club and play against different players internally or globally.

It includes a tutorial that teaches you all types of features. It hasn’t got career mode but has got a season mode that you can play and win. It also has got Cooperation mod which usually can’t be found in Football games. A feature will also give you up to date on what’s happening in the soccer world right now. It has also got amazing mini-games that you can play.

The graphics are consoles and decent with good and easy control that provides you to hunt down amazing skills and stuns with the crowd cheering and host on background sound.

5Rocket League Swipe

Rocket League Swipe is a very popular football type car game. The reason I included this is that Rocket League is viral these days and a very unique football game. This game has been played by very famous YouTubers like Panda.

Here, you will get 1v1 or 2v2 mode. First, you will get a football and one car, and one goalpost. So, with the help of a car, you need to take that football to the goalpost to win. But it won’t be that easy another player will also try to goal and steal the ball.

The car has got a boost which you need to control as it’s a bit hard. This is a multiplayer online game so you can play with friends or play globally. There are other mods to which you can try. You can also customize your car.

The graphics are detailly animated with very high quality. The controls are very easy as there’s nothing much except left right and boost. The sound is not so necessary but good for gaming.

6Champion Of Field

Champion Of Field is one of the best offline football games available on android. This game is also made by popular company Netease. This game has blown up the world once while releasing it.

Champion of the Field is a mobile soccer game. This game is available in android console and pc with the best gaming experience. This game is officially licensed by Fifpro. You can control and practice thousand of players, win tournaments and get the glory of real time competition. Play PvP with your friend with no lag and bug and no internet problems.

The graphics are very insane including realistic fields, realistic characters with unique abilities, real-time competition. The controls are the best of all football games. It has 4+1 buttons where you can pass, tackle, switch, do different skills moves, and goals. It all depends on how you play with good teamwork.

7Score Hero 2022

Score Hero is the best soccer game for android 2022. This game is very unique and different from other games but it is still a football game.

Many football fans have already heard of this game as it is very popular and old. Now it has come again in 2022 with incredible new features. Now it is officially licensed By Fifpro. You can play by choosing or signing up for the best team and players. You can also customize your own character and play this game.

This game has a level and at every level, there is something different and more difficult. Here, you won’t play football you play free kicks lasting and goals indirectly.

The graphics are really high. The size is low and gameplay is good especially for time passing. You can also connect to Facebook for saving progress. The controls are the easiest of all games. You only need to swipe here on the screen. In sound, the commentary host is someone famous that you will know by paying.

8Football Manager 2022 Mobile

Football Manager 2022 Mobile is another unique football game for android devices. This is especially for those who don’t have gaming skills but have a good football mind. The Man where you have to coach your team, manage your team is the football manager.

Football Manager 2022 is the best football management game that is available on android in 2022. Here, you will not ay the game. You need to train young footballers, manage your team, solve the clubs’ problems like conflict, investment of money, etc, you need to win tournaments by making different tactics and strategies, play up to 5 countries at the same time.

The graphics are good but doesn’t matter. Similarly, there are no specific controls and sounds in-game.

9Football Master 2-Soccer Star

Football Master 2-Soccer Star is An absolutely amazing football game free where you have to manage your team as well as play games.

This game is officially licensed by FifPro with more than 5,000 players with different stats according to their play in real life. You can sign superstar players into your team as well as make someone superstar from your team. Use different tactics to win the tournament and games.

Teamwork, strategy, and tactics are very necessary for football. Co-op with your friend and play around the world and win the game with amazing prizes. The graphics are decent with normal controls and sounds.

10Underworld Football manager 2

Underworld Football Manager 2 is another best football managing offline android game free for download. This game is not like other football managing games. This game, it shows the dark side of football managing.

As the name sounds Underworld, you have to do bad things here too. Here, there is corruption and bribery in the football world. You need to defend your club and area and develop your city.

Be careful because someone might attack your city. Also, you have to make your team good so that they can win the match or tournament and help us to invest money in the city. Not only that but you need to destroy other cities too.

For example, you can take or kill out one of the best players in their city to reduce their gameplay effects.

The graphics are good as this game doesn’t show face real time match. Other features like control and sound are also good as a football managing game.

11Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager

Top Eleven Be a Soccer Manager is another football managing game. This is the game where you have to concern about all the things for your team and club.

Here, you will be given your own club. First, you need to sign out the best players. You need to check finances and make your players get a training schedule so that they can have a good skill at a good win rate.

Here, you will match with the top eleven famous clubs with your team. Everything depends upon your management whether you will be in the top one or the last. So, It depends all on your strategy tactics and economic environment.

This game will make your brain smarter and smarter. You need to utilize all the things around your environment so that you can get full football managing experience.

The graphics are actually quite good even though it’s made in 2020. The controls and playability of this game are also good. This game can also be played on low end devices.

12Extreme Football:3on3 Multiplayer Soccer

Extreme Football:3on3 Multiplayer Soccer is a multiplayer street soccer game for android. There is everything new in this game.

Here, you will not play on that big football field or tournament. But you will play football in street. There is 3vs3 football games that you can play with your friend as well as offline. This game has 3 modes.

The most amazing feature is a multiplayer feature. Here, you can only control one character which means that 6 players can play this game at the same time controlling different characters. This game is very fun and addictive when it comes to playing multiplayer. This is one of the best online football games for android that you can play in 2022.

The graphics are very colorful and 3d with eye pleasing environment. The controls are easy with only a joystick and 1 button which will help you to do everything you can. The sound is decent.

13FreeKick Soccer World Champion

FreeKick Soccer World Champion is a very simple and time passing offline and online football game for android. Here, you will not play whole football matches. You will get to play favorite parts like freekick, penalty, and many other things.

You can choose any team from the national club and play. This game has many modes like Free Kick, Dribbling, Combined, Arcade, etc. Also, you have single player multiplayer and career mode. You can also customize your own character and take him to the football ground. This game has a leaderboard so you might come in the frame if you play well.

The graphics are nice. Similarly, controls are very easy that even kids can play this game while sounds make this game more impressive. The size of this game is only 75 MB.

14New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer is one of the most addictive soccer games for android 2022. Even it has the highest rating of 4.7/ 5 with the winning award in 2016. This game is very especially full of addictive and entertaining things.

This game has mini games to like horse races and casinos. Here you can make your team play football win tournament etc. You can do anything you want in this game. New Star Soccer provides every additive football feature that you can get.

The graphics are pretty nice with good details, controls are easy and nice with good background and realistic sound.

15Rumble Stars Football

Rumble Stars Football is a very unique football game. Here, you will not play football like other games. Rumble star rumble is very easy to learn but hard to master this game.

Many people hate this game because it is hard. Here, you have unique physics and characters. First, you need to put a rumble in a particular place so that he can kick the ball to the goal post.

So you need to make strategies and tactics to play this game. You can play with your friends or play globally, join or create clubs, unlock new rumbles or power up rumbles, etc.

The graphics are good and colorful. The controllers are easy like they should be. The sound is very peaceful.


Well, this game stood for the top 15 best football or soccer games for android 2022. Comment below which one is your favorite football games for android.


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