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Can You Play Solo in Apex Legends Mobile

Among the lots of popular battle royale games on android, apex legends mobile gets a popular and most loved game by the players. But on Apex Legends Mobile is it possible to play solo like other android battle royale games. Check out can you can play solo in apex legends mobile in this article.

You may have seen a lot of YouTubers doing solo vs squad in the apex legends mobile. But I think they tell their friend to leave the game after matchmaking. As Apex Legends Mobile is just released on Android phones, it is sure that rarely the update will come.

Previously, apex legends mobile is released regionally for testing purposes. But now it is released globally. And if you get tired of random noobs like me on your game and wanted to play solo, then you have very sad news that currently, you can’t play solo in apex legends mobile.

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Can You Play Solo in Apex Legends Mobile?

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The direct answer is “NO”, you can’t play solo in apex legends mobile. Even you can’t play a duo, there aren’t any options to switch to solo or duo. Thus, you only have one option you can play a trio or 3. You even can see in the screenshot below that you can’t change the mode. It is fixed that you can’t change the mode.

play solo in apex legends mobile

Thus, there isn’t any solo queue feature in apex legends mobile currently. So you can’t play solo in the apex legend mobile.

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How To Play Solo in Apex Legends Mobile?

Is there any trick that you are giving to play solo mode on apex legends mobile? Of course not, sorry but I have a good idea to do that. What you can do is get out of your teammates and then you can do 1 vs 3. Just ignore your noob teammates and play solo.

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Actually, I love this game but I am kinda noob on this game. So I loved to play with my noob teammates. If you are pro and confident to rush the whole squad, I suggest you to ignore your teammates and play solo in the same game.

But playing with your noob mates is kinda funny and awesome talking with them is enjoyable. It’s very funny to have a friend or teammates with the same vibe and similar skills in the game.

Can I turn auto matchmaking off?

As it is available on the older version of apex legends mobile. Earlier on the regional testing version, you can find the option to turn off auto matchmaking. That you can play solo in apex legends mobile and do 1 vs 3. This feature can be predicted as a future update but currently, you can’t turn auto matchmaking off.

Will solo mode come in Apex Legends Mobile on Update?

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As per pc version of the apex legends, it’s already a season 2 and you can’t find the solo queue on apex legends on pc. So, there is a rare chance of solo mode but according to me in the future update, there is a chance of solo mode. Let’s hope apex mobile will add an option to turn off auto matchmaking on future updates.

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I hope this article cleared all your doubts about playing solo in Apex Legends Mobile. As the game is just released globally, it was more exciting and interesting. Even though there are a lot of battle royale games like pubg, free fire, cod, etc, apex legends mobile got a huge success on its initial release.

Even I loved to play apex legends mobile being a noob. As I was tired of playing the same battle royale games, apex legends mobile changes the taste of playing a new battle royale game on android. Comment below if you love to play apex legends mobile.

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