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How to unlock safe or do safe task in among us?

Finally, the among us airship map had been released. But I am starting to find. I see that many people don’t unlock safe or do safe tasks in this airship map of among us. So, I am going to tell you the method to do it in a very detailed way.

Many people are unknown of this game and starting to play. The airship has a lot of new and latest tasks. I am even unknown about all. 

The among us is now free and tweeting with enjoyment. Just like that, we are playing with no problems except the tasks. They didn’t give you a tutorial about how can you do these tasks. 

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So, I am here to tell you how to complete the safe tasks in among us. It is the most trend and unknown task. So here is the process of doing it.

Video Tutorial

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Steps To Unlock Safe Or Do Safe Task in Airship

The steps of doing the safe task is pretty easy and fast. But it is hard to understand. So, the steps are long but I have made them easy for understanding. here are the steps or processes to do safe tasks or unlock safe in among us.

Step 1: Find And Go

First of all, check if there is a safe task or not ( Task name: Cargo Bay: Unlock safe). Then Open the map and find Cargo Bay. Then go to the safe and click use.

how to unlock the safe in among us

Step 2: Some Note

  • Don’t leave the dial after you start dialing.
  • You need to place 3 correct digits while dialing.
  • Remember the direction: Clockwise Or Anti Clockwise.
  • Reach The Given Number.

Step 3: Follow Rule

  • Don’t leave dial.
  • Reach the number following the direction.
  • Repeat the process three times.

Step 4: Apply Note and Rule

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At first, hold that dial. 

how to do the safe task in among us airship

Then, move the dial to reach the number in the given direction.

Example: I am holding a dial and to bypass this I will rotate the dial in a clockwise direction and reach number 5. After reaching I am holding a dial and another number will come.

do safe task in among us
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Then similarly, I will rotate the dial in an anti-clockwise direction until I reach number 3. After reaching I am holding a dial and another number will come.

how to complete safe task in among us

Again, I will rotate the dial in a clockwise direction until I reach number 1. After reaching I will leave the dial and that handle color will change color from black to grey.

how to do the unlock safe task in among us

Step 5: Rotate handle

The handle will start to glow then rotate it so that the task will be completed.

unlock safe in airship map among us

Enjoy!! You successfully completed the safe task in the airship map by unlocking the safe.

among us safe task not working

The steps are so simple. You have to rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise according to the arrow and according to the number. You have to do it 3 times then rotate the safe and the final task will be completed.

There are many new unknown tasks on this airship map. But the safe task is the most important one and the unknown one which people want. 

Comment down below if you are also coming here for doing safe tasks and tell us if it is good or not to do it in a better and more information full way.

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The post was all of the information and steps on how to do airship map unlock safe or safe task an in among us. The language is easy and simple to understand. I think you might have understood these easy safe tasks. I hope, you like it and follow us for more tasks instruction.

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