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How to turn off quick chat in among us ?

Among us new feature quick chat is awesome but many of us stuck in chat or can’t use free chat or can’t type in chat. So to get rid of it you can simply turn off quick chat in among us.

But don’t know how to disable quick chat in among us then you can follow the stepwise instruction below. You also can watch the video tutorial below about it.

To explore your experience finally, the InnerSloth has added amazing features for gamers and users like us. Here we have got the most awaited feature among us, it’s a quick chat option. Yes, the Quick Chat is one of the additional features for making it easier on making a quick reply when you are in text mode.

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With this feature or option on Among Us, we can feel easier on giving a quick response. In our previous post, we have mentioned how to turn quick chat on among us. Now here we are on how to turn off quick chat among us.

Before going on that let me give details about Quick Chat on Among Us. Quick Chat allows the users to use some pre-set messages to make it easy on communicating with other friends. With this, the gamers like you get easier, faster, and safe options for communicating with others/ strangers over text chat.

Video Tutorial

How to Disable Quick Chat on Among Us

As we have already mentioned, the quick chat is one of the newly added features on Among Us by the developer of InnerSloth. For safe and easy communication over the text, we can find the relevant message format based on the question type, locations, accusations, and many more.

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Personally, I got this feature more useful, safe, and easier to chat with my other friends and gamers. Also, it makes me easier to go for the text chat when I used to play with strangers.

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Steps To Turn Off Quick Chat In Among Us

Follow the below steps carefully to disable or turn off quick chat in among us.

Step 1: Start Among Us

The first thing that you need to do is open or start the Among Us from your system. You can simply start among us game in pc or android or on your device.

how to disable quick chat in among us

Step 3: Go to ‘Chat Type’

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Then go to the Online then to the Find game and you will see a toggle button. One is a free chat and another is quick chat only. Choose free chat then you are done.

how to disable quick chat in among us
Fix Among Us Error NullContinuanceToken

Enjoy!! Now you can use free chat easily.

Among Us Quick Chat Only

If you are facing a problem like you can’t change the option of chat type, then this is due to lower age. If you fill date of birth lower than 13 years old then you face this problem. You even can’t chat or use the free chat.

Can I turn on Quick Chat After turning it off?

If you want to get the real and quick reply experience back after turning it off, then you can easily turn on this feature again. For this, you can check our article where we have mentioned the complete steps of turning on quick chat among us.


1. Can you turn off quick chat in among us?

-No. you can’t turn off quick chat in among us but you can use chat type free chat or quick chat, which is similar to turn off quick chat in among us.

2. Why can’t I turn off quick chat in among us?

-You can’t turn off quick chat in among us because there isn’t an option to turn off quick chat in among us. There is only two option in chat type and they are: Free or Quick Chat and Quick Chat Only.

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Word to Know

With an aim of fulfilling the complete details about the Among us, we have created this post for making it easy on turning off quick chat in among us. If you are the one who is not comfortable or not want to use this feature and in search of a tutorial for turning it off, then this article will help you.

This is how you can easily disable quick chat in among us. I hope this tutorial about how to turn off quick chat in among us helps you to get rid of quick chat in among us. Comment below if you have any other trouble while turning off quick chat in among us.

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