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How to Show FPS in Gameloop 2022

Gameloop is one of the best pubg android emulators as gameloop is the official pubg emulator for pc, many gamers, streamers are using gameloop to play pubg. In this tutorial learn how you can see the fps in gameloop in 2022.

The pubg pc is expensive so many gamers prefer playing pubg in the android emulator and among all android emulator, playing pubg tencent gaming buddy or gameloop is best.

Video Tutorial


FPS refers to frames per second that ensure the smoothness of the game. A higher fps helps you to play battle royal games like pubg smoothly. For seeing fps you need a fps counter and on gameloop there is already a fps counter. You just need to turn on fps on gameloop to check the fps of the game in gameloop.

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With a higher fps, you can see the enemy moments faster than lower fps that you can have a great advantage while playing on higher fps.

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How to show fps in gameloop

In this tutorial, we are going to check fps in gameloop 7.1 version. Gameloop 7.1 is the latest version of gameloop.

Step 1: Open gameloop

First of all open the gameloop emulator.

how to see fps in pubg mobile emulator

Step 2: Open PUBG Mobile

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In this tutorial, I am going to use pubg mobile. So I am opening the pubg mobile. If you haven’t downloaded it you can download it from the gameloop store.

how to see fps in gameloop

Step 3: Open Toolset

On new gameloop 7.1 there is a button at the top of the emulator. And this button name is toolset. Click on it.

how to check fps in gameloop

Step 4: Show FPS

Now, you will see a lot of options. Find the option saying “show fps”. Then click on it. Now, fps counter of gameloop is turned on.

how to find fps in gameloop
how to check fps in gameloop pubg mobile
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Finally, you can see the fps in the right corner in green color. And this is how you can check fps in pubg mobile in gameloop.

Download Gameloop

You can download the gameloop from the official site. You only can find an online gameloop installer Even I didn’t find any offline gameloop emulator file. You can enjoy android games on pc using gameloop emulator. For Streamers, you need a gaming pc higher than the system requirement of gameloop.

As gameloop is one of my favorite emulators to play pubg and free fire, I also tested many emulators on my low end pc. You even can check those.

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This is how you can show fps in gameloop 7.1 in 2022. I hope you guys like our tutorial. Comment below if you have any doubts about our tutorial.

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