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GTA V Lite System Requirements for PC

Whether they have high end pc or low end pc, every PC gamers wish to play GTA V on their Pc and Laptop. Check out the system requirements of GTA V lite for pc.

High Pc users can play GTA 5 freely but low end pc can’t get to enjoy GTA 5. But In 2022, an amazing youtube call Levitation 24 has made a Gta V lite version that supports low end Pc devices. Today, we are sharing with you the GTA 5 lite PC requirements so that you can play gta V on your pc and laptop.

Gta 5 lite is not any kind of mod, it is the same exact copy of gta V with all features included. GTA 5 lite has compressed texture graphics and many other things so that it will work on any Low End device.

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But you know it may not support every Pc. To know the answer we present you the Gta 5 lite Pc requirements for Low End devices. Also, we will tell you Gta 5 lite release date in 2022. Without further delay, let’s move on to our main topic.

GTA V Lite PC Requirements

To compare the difference between GTA V and GTA V lite I have mentioned both Pc requirements so that it will be easy for you whether your Pc can handle Gta 5 lite or not.

Gta V System Requirments

Ram: 4Gb To 8GB

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Size: 72GB ( 100+GB After Full Update)

CPU: Intel Core i5-3470

GPU: Nivida GeForce GTX 660

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It is a common Requirments these days but there are still many people who want to play GTA on low end Pc. So let’s see the gta 5 lite Pc requirements.

GTA V Lite System Requirments

Even though it has been modified, there is 3 configuration. Every Graphics Configuration has different System Requirements.

Native Preset |GTA V Recommended System Requirements

gta v recommended system requirements

Native Preset is one of the best presets with good graphics quality. If you have seen the Trailer, then you can see that Creator was using Native Preset.

GTA 5 Lite System Requirments For Low Ejd Pc Native Preset

Ram: 4GB

CPU: Intel I3-6100 ( 2 Cores)

GPU: intel Hd 530 Graphics

HDD: 44GB Free Space

Shadow Preset

gta 5 lite system requirements

Shadow Preset is the same as Native Preset but it has reduced some shadow effects and Reflections.

Ram: 4GB

CPU: Intel I3-6006u

GPU: Intel HD 530 Graphics

HDD: 44GB Free Space

Lighter Preset | GTA V Lite Minimum System Requirements

gta v lite minimum system requirements

Lighter Preset has completely removed shadows and reflections from the game.
Ram: 4GB

CPU: Intel I3- 3110m ( 2Cores)

GPU: Intel HD 4000 Graphics

HDD: 44GB Free Space

Here, the Native preset is for average Pc users Shadow preset is used for those who will get lag while playing this game. Lighter Preset is for those whose Pc doesn’t support Native and Shadow Preset.

Thus, the gta v lite minimum system requirement is Lighter Preset and the GTA v lite recommended system requirement is Native Preset.

What is the release date of Gta V Lite?

February 7, 2022

The release date of Gta V Lite is February 7, 2022, which is nearly coming closer and closer which means Developers has already finished making this game.

Features Of GTA V Lite

Here are some features of GTA V lite.

For Low End Pc

The main objective of Gta V lite was to support this game on Low End Pc. To do that developer Levitation_4D has Reduced graphics and texture quality as well as the size of the game. But just reducing things won’t help to reduce lag. The developer has really worked hard for it.


The Size of GTA V lite is 44Gb which is almost impossible to say. The creators have worked hard to make the original Gta 5 game into a lite version with such a low size.


The best thing is the price of this game is free. This means anyone can download this game and play it on their devices. Now they don’t have to pay anymore.


Even though the game has been compressed GTA 5 lite has included all the missions except the first prolog mission due to some lag and Glitches.


As I said, the map is complete as there are complete missions. Not only the map but all cars, easter eggs, everything is included.

Pro And Cons Of Gta V Lite


  • Now every Low End PC User can play Gta V
  • It is Free so you don’t need to waste any money.
  • You can use Cheats and Glitches as well as Mods. But Developer has recommended not to use any mods.
  • You can play this game in your Laptop too.


  • Graphics, Textures, Shadow, and reflection has been reduced
  • We may face many bugs and Glitches
  • Rockstar Company may band this game as a violation because this game was a copy version of GTA V made by a Developer who is not from Rockstar Company.

Support Levitation 24


All credit goes to Levitation 24, a developer of gta v lite for pc. I hope you guys can find the GTA V system requirements for pc.

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