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How to Put Cheats in PPSSPP PC 2022

Ppsspp Games are also known as consoles games or pc games. PPSSPP emulator is used to play ppsspp games. In today’s tutorial learn how you can put cheats in ppsspp pc.

All PPSSPP Games have cheats and on pc, you can use cheats on ppsspp using a cheats.db file. This cheats is the collection of cheats of more than 250+ ppsspp games.

Video Tutorial

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Steps To Put Cheats in PPSSPP PC

Step 1: Download Cheats.db

Download the cheats .db file from the link below.

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download cheats in ppsspp

Step 2: Create Cheats Folder

Now open “This pc” and go to the documents then go to the PPSSPP folder and then open the “PSP” folder. Now, create the “Cheats” folder inside the PSP folder.

put cheats in ppsspp pc

Step 3: Paste Cheats.db file

Now inside the Cheats folder, paste your cheats.db file that we have downloaded earlier in step 1.

use cheats in ppsspp pc

Step 4: Open PPSSPP Emulator

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Now open your ppsspp emulator on your pc.

how to add cheats in ppsspp

Step 5: Enable Cheats

Now go to settings and then go to the system. Then there are a lot of options find “Enable Cheats” and tick the checkbox of enable cheats as in the image below.

how to put cheats in ppsspp windows

Step 6: Open Games And Enable Cheats

Now open any game in your android emulator and then press “Esc” and you will see many options as in the image below. Then click on the Cheats. For example, I am using the dragon ball z game.

add cheats in ppsspp pc

Step 7: Import Cheats from Cheats.db

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Now, there are a lot of options, click on import cheats from cheats.db to imoprt then cheats from the cheats.db.

how to use cheats in ppsspp pc

Step 8: Enable Cheat

Now enable the cheats that you want.

how to add cheats in ppsspp pc

Finally, we successfully added cheats on ppsspp. And these cheats are working perfectly.

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This is how you can add cheats in ppsspp emulator on windows and then use cheats on ppsspp emulator. Comment below if you have any problems while following our tutorial.

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