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How to Install Apk in Gameloop 2022

Gameloop is one of the most popular android emulators for playing pubg and cod. Even being the best android emulator, gameloop doesn’t have many games and apps in its app market. So, in this case, you need to install apk in gameloop. In today’s tutorial learn how you can install apk in gameloop emulator.

Gameloop has its own store like playstore. On gameloop store, there are a lot of games and apps but some are missing from its store. And you may want to install games or apps that aren’t available on gameloop store. So, in this case, our tutorial will help you.

While playing games on gameLoop emulator, players have often faced issues like a black screen, a download bar that is stuck or error codes or gameloop not loading, and many more. In this case, you can install apk directly from gameloop.

Video Tutorial

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Step to Install Apk in Gameloop

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Follow the steps to install apk in gameloop. In this tutorial, we are using the gameloop 7.1 and it is the latest version of gameloop.

Step 1: Open Gameloop

First, open the gameloop emulator.

how to install apk in gameloop emulator

Step 2: Click On Burger Menu

Click on Three lines burger menu on the right side of the emulator.

install apk in gameloop emulator

Step 3: Find Local Apk Installation

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There are a lot of options, choose “local apk installation”.

how to install apk in latest gameloop

Step 4:Choose Your Apk File

Now browse to your apk file. In my case, I am installing candy crush. So, I have downloaded apk files from the internet and I browse that apk files to install apk on game loop emulator.

install apk in gameloop

Step 5: Enjoy

Wait for a few minutes for the installation of apk files.

apk installation in gameloop
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Finally, apk installed successfully in gameloop emulator in less than a minute. Here my candy crush is installed successfully.

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This is how you can install apk in gameloop 7.1 in 2022. I hope you love our tutorial. If you have any doubt or any problem don’t forget to comment.

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