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How to Fix Emulator Detected for Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is a very popular latest battle royale game on android. You may face emulator detected problems while playing on the emulator. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can fix the emulator detected problem for apex legends mobile.

PC Apex Legend size is 50 GB whereas Mobile Apex Legen Size is 5-10 Gb. Therefore some low space Pc users can’t enjoy Apex Legend. But there is a way by which you can download apex legends mobile on your pc. The way is to use an android emulator.

Emulators of Pc are those applications that help you to play android games on pc directly from play store. Similarly, you can play Apex legends mobile on Pc with the help of gameloop. However, officially apex legends mobile isn’t released on any android emulator officially.

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This trick works on any emulator like gameloop, bluestacks, ld player, nox app player, etc. Thus, you can easily fix emulator detected for apex legends mobile on gameloop, bluestacks, Nox app player, and any android emulator.

Video Tutorial

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Step To Bypass Emulator Detected for Apex Legends Mobile

Here is the step to bypass the emulator detected for apex legends mobile for andy emulator.

Now in this tutorial, I will be going to use gameloop and bluestacks 5 emulator. You can try it on any emulator it will fix the emulator detection problem easily.

Step 1: Open Setting

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Now open the settings of the android emulator.

how to install play store in game loop

Step 2: Go To App

Now find the app and then search for the Apex Legends Mobile.

how to bypass emulator detected for apex legends mobile

Step 3: Clear Data

Now go to storage and click on clear data.

emulator detected for apex legends mobile

Step 4: Open Game

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Now open the game and you need to log in again and then log in and when a popup came saying “emulator detected” then press the back button or ESC. And now your problem is solved.

how to fix emulator detected for apex legends mobile in emulator

Done Enjoy!! After you complete level 5 doing this you don’t need to do this. So after reaching level 5 you don’t need to face emulator detected problem.

You even can play games and reach level 5 then play on any emulator to fix the emulator detection problems.

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As many of us are facing emulator detected problem in Apex Legends Mobile, you can use this trick to fix emulator detected problems in Apex Legends Mobile in gameloop, bluestacks, and other emulators. Comment below if this trick fixes your problem.

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