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How to Delete Apex Legends Mobile Account

Apex Legends Mobile is released globally. And if you are playing a beta version earlier and wanted to start on a new journey then you can delete your old account. In this tutorial, learn how you can delete apex legends mobile account.

If you don’t want to play apex legends mobile and wanted to delete the account then this tutorial will help you a lot. And if you want to reset your apex legends mobile account then you may get helped by our tutorial.

Apex Legends Mobile is a battle royale game released in 2022. Apex Legends Pc version is already been out and it’s not a new game for pc players while it’s a completely new type of game for mobile players. It is one of the trending android game on 2022.

Video Tutorial

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How to Delete Apex Legends Mobile Account

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Currently, on the global version, there is no option for deleting it. But previously on the beta version, you can delete apex legends account. I think this option is present in some of the regions. So, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Apex Legends Mobile

Launch your Apex Legends Mobile on your android phone.

Step 2: Open Settings

Now, click on the Settings at the bottom of the screen.

change language to english in apex legends mobile

Step 3: Find Privacy & Legal Tab

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Now, find Privacy & Legal tab on the right side.

Step 4: Delete Account

Now, look for the “Delete Account” option and click on the Delete Account button to delete your apex legends mobile account.

how to delete apex legends mobile account on global

Note: Once you delete your account all progress gets deleted. You can start from the beginning as your all progress will be lost.

Can I Delete Apex Legends Mobile Account On Global Version

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Actually, you can’t find the option of deleting an account on the apex legends global version. Thus, currently, you can’t delete your account from the game. But by requesting or contacting EA on the official website, you may delete your account.

delete apex legends mobile account

You can see in the screenshot above that you don’t have the option “Delete Account” on the global version. So, currently you can’t delete account.

Will Deleting Account Comes in Apex Legends Mobile

As per pc version of the apex legends, you can find the account delete option on apex legends on pc. So, according to me in the future update, there is a chance of having an account delete option. Let’s hope apex mobile will add an option to delete account on future updates.

After you reset your account, you may maintain your reset account on apex legends mobile.

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This is how you can delete account in apex legends mobile. I hope I cleared all doubts and questions related to this topic. Comment below if our guide helps you.

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