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How to Change Age in Among Us pc 2022

Among us is updating the game every 2 3 months and every update game becomes heavy and more complicated. From the recent update among us is age-restricted. That only person greater than 18 years old can use the free chat. But if you mistakenly give the wrong age then you must suffer from a quick chat only problem on pc.

Don’t worry I will help you to change your age in among us pc. Basically, there is 2 version of among us I made. One is official and another one is an unofficial or cracked version. I will show solutions for both versions.

Video Tutorial

Among Us Version

First, find out which version you are using so that you can try the method to fix the age problem in among us.

Official Version

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If you buy among us from steam or epic games or Microsoft store then it is called the official version. If you are using that version follow the method for the official version to fix this error.

Unofficial Version

If you are using a cracked version you must face the problem of quick chat only but I will give a solution for you guys too. You need to check the unofficial version of the solution.

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How to Change Age In Among Us Official

Changing age and name is the most common problem on among us. Many people have given solutions to these problems. But people are still facing these problems nowadays. Among us is the trending game so many new people will download this game. 

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So there’s a chance that they will face the same age changing problem that other ones have faced. So, Today I will tell you how can you change your age in among us pc. 

Note: This solution only works for official among us users. Otherwise, I’m not sure that it will work. But I don’t rule you nor that I care you can watch if you want.

Among us has solved any problems and they’re working on a big update. So you can’t rely on them to fix age changing problems without telling them. 

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Therefore, you have to fix your problem on your own. But how? Now,  you probably have seen the solutions on many websites but they will not work. 

Because the problem will come when the version of among us or update of among us will come. So, We will give you the permanent solution to change your age in among us steam. Let’s see our methods.

To change your age in among us steam, you need to see the problems you can get when your age is under 18. So, Let’s see it first:

The problem of  changing age

The problem you will face when you change your age is that you will be unable to change your name. And you can only chat using quick chat. In the latest update, among us has made a new function. In an update, now whose age is under 18 can’t chat. 

And the biggest troublesome problem is that you can only join the lobby which has the function of quick chat. Therefore, you can’t go to random lobby freely. Now, Let’s see our solution

Solutions of age changing problem in steam

There are 3 solutions which I have identified from where you can change your age in steam. Now, Let’s see our first method.

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Guardian’s E-mail 

To change your age in among us steam, you need guardian’s permission. This means that if you are under 18, you are not allowed to play among us freely. 

how to change age in among us pc
change your age in among us
how to change age in among us steam
change age in among us pc

So, among us need to confirm permission from your guardian. To do that you need to fill the box with Guardian’s email. To describe it in detail, here are the steps to change your age:

So, You see it’s very simple. But please if you are under 13, you really need to take permission from guardians so that no one will harm you. But if you are above 13, then you should use it. Now, Let’s move to the next solution.

Note: Among us has said that under 13 are restricted to play it without guardian’s permission. However, you should always put your age above 18. Among us bug will not allow anyone to play freely except those who are above 18.

2. Informing Among Us

If you buy among us then you can mail among us for changing age. But what I get in reply is shown below. So, it is rare that they will fix this age problem.

how to change age in among us from mail

3.Using Hack 

This is the final method that works for both official and unofficial among us players. Here you need to follow some different steps.

Step 1: Download My PlayerPrefs File

Now download my playerprefs file from the link below.


change random name in among us

Step2:Replace playerprefs file

Simply Press Window +R and Type “AppData” then press ok. Then move to folder “LocalLow”  then “Innersloth” and to the “Among us” folder. 

how to change your date of birth in among us

Alternatively, go to “Local C:” then “Users” then “your pc username” and then  “Appdata” then “LocalLow”  then “Innersloth” and to “Among us” folder. 

Step 3:Paste File

Then paste that file into that folder. Remember you need to replace it.

download latest among us free in pc

Step 4: Change Name

Now open that file and change your name. There is “SGDUM” in that file you need to replace it with your name. 

change name in among us pc

Step 5:Make it Read Only

Now right click on playerprefs and then make it read only.

latest among us free pc

Step 8: Run Game

Finally, run the game you find that your name is changed and you can type.

unlock free chat in among us

Enjoy the game. We successfully change the age in among us pc.

Note: On the new version of among us in 2022, this hack isn’t working.

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I hope you get valuable information and solution to change your age in among us on steam. Changing age is pretty complicated and hard, isn’t it? For me, it takes a lot of time to know about these methods. I hope you like it. If yes then please don’t forget to follow our blogs.

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