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Download Ben 10 Protector Of Earth For Android

Ben 10 is a popular American animated series. This is an anime where a hero name ben gets a watch that helps him transform into different aliens. Wanted to play ben 10 games then download ben 10 protector of earth for android.

For finding the watch a dangerous villain called vilgax sends different aliens to earth. So, Ben defeats every alien and protects the earth. Influencing from the story and anime, some of the developers made the Console Ben 10 game called Ben 10 Protector of Earth.

As a fan of Ben 10, I always wanted to have a watch when I was a kid but that’s impossible. But now everything has become possible with the help of Virtual reality.
There are many games of Ben 10 on android but they are not the best.

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But there is a game called Ben 10 Protector Of Earth which has great graphics, story, and gameplay. Sadly, It was only available in Console. But with the app called Ppsspp emulator, we can play Ben 10 Protector Of Earth game on our android. Therefore, learn is how you can download and install ben 10 protector of earth on android.

How to Download And Install Ben 10 Portector Of Earth In Android Free?

how to download ben 10 protector of earth for androidhow to download ben 10 protector of earth for android

To download Ben 10 Protector Of Earth, there are many websites available on browsers. But only some of them are legal. Some may give you dangerous viruses. Even If you manage to find the download link I am sure that the download will be very slow. But here, I am gonna provide you with some of the best websites to download ben 10 protector of earth for free.

Before anyone of you wanna know what Ben 10 Protector of Earth then let’s see Ben 10 Protector Of Earth review. Is it worth playing this game? Well, To find you need to read. If you already know you may skip and go to another topic on the page.

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Review Of Ben 10 Protector Of Earth

how to download ben 10 protector of earth for android
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Ben 10 Protector Of Earth is a very popular action adventure fighting game that was released in 2007 on consoles. Ben 10 Protector was the first game loved by all ben 10 fans and sponsored By Cartoon Network.

Ben 10 protector of earth was developed by High Voltage Software & 1st Playable Productions and was published by D3 Publisher.
There are many Ben 10 games except protector of earth. Since it’s 2022, you can find these games more interesting. I will describe top 10 ben 10 games to play in android on 2022.

  1. Ben 10: Protector of Earth

Release date: October 3, 2007

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Aliens: 5

Available on Android and other Consoles

2. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

Release date: Octobor5,2010

Aliens: 17 different forms

Available on Android with help of ppsspp and other consoles

3. Ben 10: Omniverse

Release date: November 13, 200

Aliens: 10+

Not Available in Android Right Now

4. Ben 10: Alien Force

Release date: October 28, 2008

Aliens: 5

Available on android

5. Ben 10: Omniverse 2

Release date: November 5, 2013


Not Available in android

6. Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks

Release date: October 7, 2009

Aliens: 10

Available on Android

7. Ben 10: Galactic Racing

Release date: October 18, 2022

Aliens: 15

Not Available In Android Right Now

8. Ben 10 Alien Force: The Rise of Hex

Release date: May 26, 2010

Aliens: 9

Not Available On Android

9. Ben 10:Reboot

Release date: November 10, 2017

Aliens: 6+

Not Available Right now

10. Ben 10 Triple Pack

Ben 10 Triple Pack includes 3 packs of the game Ben 10 protector of earth, Ben 10 alien force, and vulgar attack.

Of all these games, Ben 10 Protector Of Earth is the old game made in 2007. But of all these given games, Ben 10 Protector Of Earth has the best graphics quality, anime based story, and gameplay even with that development and moderne in that time.

Ben 10 is one of the top PSP games till now as it’s the best game that you can find now. Ben 10 Protector of earth is not any kind of open world or survival game but it’s only a fighting and story based game that you can find on android.

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download ben 10 protector of earth for android

The story of Ben 10 goes out like this. If you don’t want to get spoiler then don’t read this part.
At the beginning of the story, the drone like bee sucks Ben 10 watch that makes Ben 10 to only transform into only 2 aliens ( Four arms and heat blast)

After that, the game will give you some combo attacks and tutorials. Then they will introduce the weakest villain drone. But they will get stronger after completing the story step by step. At last, you have to fight the very big drone as the main boss. Then you will fight the main boss and finish the first story. But after defeating the main boss, you will get the DNA of another alien. So, Ben will find Dna Of XLR8 which can help him to transform into XLR8 in upcoming missions.

After the first story, Ben goes ahead to find vilgax, then you will meet drones and forever knights fighting, then the story begins. After fighting enemies, one of them tells you where’s the main boss can be found. So, you will go to area 51 and defeat that enemy in this mission. But you will not get any aliens as the boss is weak. But there is a twist in it.

When you finally defeat that boss he will again recover and control the battle bot which is another main boss. After defeating him, now you can able to access his another alien name CannonBolt.

After passing the story, Ben, Gwen, and Grandpa Max will go ahead to San Francisco. Then you will see the Kelvin 11 coming and also a plant creature. Kelvin 11 kidnaps grandpa max. Then they followed and defeat Kelvin 11 but that brat Kelvin goes back to the hole.

Finally, you release grandpa and kill all the plant creatures. After killing, you will meet a big mother plant, Ben 10 kills that plant and is able to access another alien wild vine and able to access 5 out of 10 of his aliens.

I think I already gave you so many spoilers so I think I should stop telling more about the story for your own enjoyment. All other main villains’ name is Hex, Dr anime, Ghost Freak, and the final villain Vilgax.

Playing In Game

In game not only battling but there are some things that you must do. For example, you must collect as many things as you can like a sumo slammer card. Collecting points and cards will get you some new combos for aliens, Health energy as well as give you more time to transform into an alien.

Talking about aliens let’s see some brief descriptions about them.

Ben 10 Protector Of Earth Character And ALIENS.

BEN: The main character that will be you in a game.

Gwen: Can be played as Gwen in Ds mode of ben 10 games.

Fourarms: One of the well known aliens of Ben. It is a very strong alien that can do heavy things.

Heatblast: Another of Ben alien which is also a very popular alien for Ben 10 use. It is very useful and good in this game.

XLR8: The third alien of Ben, unlocks after defeating the first boss. XLR8 is very fast in combos and best for killing squishy aliens.

CannonBolt: Another well known Popular alien of Ben, unlocks after defeating battle bot. It’s very useful for becoming a ball and attacking as well as passing roads.

WildVine: Last Alien of Ben in this game that you will get from defeating the monster plant. It’s pretty useful for swinging and for defeating small enemies with his bombs

Perk upchuck: This alien is only available in the ds mode, which you have to use a trick and unlock as well as this alien helps you kill all the enemies at one time.

All these Aliens are pretty useful. But They are not for only fighting. As every alien has its own abilities. They are needed to solve many puzzles. But they are easy that you can do it.

Bosses Of Ben 10 Protector Of Earth

The bosses of Ben 10 Protector of Earth are hard to beat. So, I categorized them from small to main.

Giant Vilgax destroyer(not available in ds)
Enoch (Mini-Boss)
Enoch Battle Bot -Kevin 11 (Mini-Boss)
Hex (Mini-Boss) Clancy (Mini-Boss)
SixSix (Mini-Boss) -Snap Dragon
Dr. Animo
Vilgax(Final and main boss )

Secret Mission: After Defeating the Main Boss Vilagax. The game will end but actually, there is one secret level that you can find on the map.

Types of Enemies in ben 10 protector of the earth

download ben 10 protector of earth for android ppsspp

There are many enemies you have to fight before defeating the boss. There are many types of enemies. They are:

  • Vilgax Drone
  • Laser Drone
  • Vilgax Hunter
  • Forever Knight
  • Forever Knight Sniper -Forever Knight Gladiator
  • Bomb Drone
  • Forever Champion
  • Forever Knight Guardian
  • Driller Drone
  • Forever Champion Elite
  • Vilgax Stalker
  • Photon Drone
  • Vilgax Defender
  • Vilgax Mercenary
  • Thornhound
  • Thournhound Aggressor
  • Thournhound Charger
  • Maceroot
  • Fangface
  • Fangface Howler
  • Mummy -Cyclone Mummy
  • Viktor -Snakefly
  • Feraline
  • Snakefly Striker
  • Feraline Pouncer
  • Crystal Claws
  • Detrovite
  • Detrovite Berserker

You are probably surprised to see so many villains, I know you want to download ben 10 protector of the earth for android or pc. But don’t worry I will give you both links.

Number of Levels

If you want to play any level, this is the best ben 10 game for you because it has many levels. They are:

  • Grand Canyon
  • Mesa Verde
  • Area 51
  • Hoover Dam
  • Meteor Crater
  • San Francisco
  • Golden GateBridge
  • LumberMill
  • Crater Lake
  • Seattle
  • Seattle SpaceNeedle
  • Yellowstone
  • Effigy Mounds
  • Mt. Rushmore
  • Chicago Lake Front
  • Gold Coast Theater
  • Historic Battlefield
  • Bayou
  • New Orleans
  • Oil Refinery
  • Riverboat
  • Washington D.C.
  • Cape Canaveral
  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Chimerian Hammer
  • The Null Void


Actually, most of the new ppsspp users think that graphic sucks. But if you go to setting and change mod Buffer rendering into skip buffer rendering, then you will actually get a high quality graphics. Similarly, Ben 10 Protector Of Earth has very high quality graphics with a small detail written on the game.


The main concept of Ben 10 Protector Of Earth is to find all aliens and defeat vilgax and protect the Earth.


The controls are easy but it becomes hard day by day when you unlock all combos of Aliens. All aliens have got more than 15 different combos. Therefore, you need to practice for a day to get used to it.


I actually like the sound of this game. Especially sound with no lag and bugs with a clear detailed information spoken.


While comparing Ben 10 Protector of Earth with other Ben 10 games, I found out that this game has got more features and is liked by every gamer with a good rating.

You and also play Ben 10 ultimate alien cosmic destruction. Here is the download for android.

Without further delay, let’s move into our ultimate topic.

Cheat Code For Ben 10 Protector Of Earth

Cheating is Bad but cheating in game feels good. Ben 10 Protector Of Earth also has to cheat facilities that give you to transform into any aliens from the beginning with all combos.

Where to fill up cheats?

Follow my step when you are playing

  • Press start and go to the map
  • Then go to the menu
  • You will find the secret code below
  • You have to fill up the aliens
  • Then you have to enable the code up to secret code
  • Then continue your game enjoy:)

Now, ready for ben 10 protector of earth mod apk, I don’t mean that I mean cheats

Ben 10 Protector Of Earth Cheats ppsspp

download ben 10 protector of earth for android highly compressed

Ben 10 protector of the earth cheats

1.Cannonbolt, Cannonbolt, Four Arms, Heatblast

Effect: Turn all the aliens and heroes into a dark or black mod.

Remember: You have to fill it up in secret code according to its place as given

2. Wildvine, Four Arms, Heatblast, Cannonbolt

Effect: Turn aliens into translucent green

3.XLR8, Heatblast, Wildvine, Four Arms

Effect: Unlimited health

4. Cannonbolt, Heatblast, Wildvine, Four Arms

Effect: Be formed into an alien for unlimited time as well as change into any aliens directly without any charge

5. Wildvine, Four Arms, Heatblast, Wildvine

Effect: Unlock all aliens

6. Cannonbolt, Heatblast, Four Arms, Heatblast

Effect: Unlock all combos of all alien

7. Heatblast, XLR8, XLR8, Cannonbolt

Effect: Unlock all aliens

By this cheat, you have to sure download ben 10 protector of earth for android, or either this is only a waste of reading but you will not read these anyway xD

Now, I didn’t want to stop your time. Let’s proceed to the way of download Ben 10 Protector of Earth for ppsspp free on android.

How To Download Ben 10 Portector Of Earth for ppsspp

I have many download links here. Therefore, I will give you some of the download links below.

Download Ben 10 Protector Of Earth Apk

Ben 10 Protector Of Earth was available in the play store but was removed after a short time. Therefore, this game has got apk. Download apk is the easiest way to download Ben 10 as you don’t need to install ppsspp nor do any other things.

One of the best websites to download ben 10 portector of Earth us website called Apkpure. This site has got an amazing speed of downloading of 5mbps per second. The troublesome thing is for new gamers. Because As BEN 10 is a large size game, it is placed as XAPK. But here is the solution to your problem

How to convert Xapk file if Ben 10 0ortector of Earth into apk?

Install za archiver
View the back from the app
Then there will be all and com. file
Install the apk and place the file in obb
Enjoy the game.

Download Link:

Total size:432 MB

Download Ben 10 protector of earth highly compressed

If you download ben 10 protector of earth highly compressed then your animation or graphics picture will be low but the storage it takes is lower than others like downloading the original version. Recommend a highly compressed version of Ben 10 to those who have less storage.

Download Link:

How To Download Ben 10 Protector of Earth psp download free roms

Here are the best websites to download Ben 10 Protector of Earth ROMs for free using browsers or websites.

1.Emulator Games

Emulator Game is the best website and very easy to use. It’s one of the best because it has got downloading speed, no server crash, more than 100+ games, and many other features. Therefore, the Emulator Games website will help you to download Ben 10 Protector Of Earth as it is one of the ppsspp games.

Downloading speed: 5mbps
Server Speed: Good
File: .Zip
Roms: More than 20
Games: 2000+


KillerRoms is another website to download ben 10 protector of earth video game download in the fastest and easiest way. While downloading the game, you have to wait for 20 seconds to start downloading. Then it will start to download very fastly than any of the websites. You can also download other games too.


Download speed:4Mb/s

Server speed: Slower

Roms: Similar to others

Games: Similar to others


Coolroms is the website to download ben 10 – protector of earth PSP free ROMs as well as roms of other games. Downloading speed is a little bit slow but if you download from Opera then download becomes really fast

Download speed:400kb/s

Server speed: Normal


Roms: More than 50

Games: More than 2,000

Ben 10 protector of earth download for pc

By seeing this, you want to play it on pc. don’t worry. Playing on a PC is easy and downloading is very fast. You know if you are a real gamer.

Here is Link

Note: Playing in an emulator is hard.

Now, you can download ben 10 protector of earth ppsspp android and enjoy it:). You can download ben 10 protector of earth for android highly compressed from different sites like us. Wait! you don’t know how to install Ben 10 protector of earth. We are here for you don’t worry

How To Install Ben 10 Protector Of Earth in Pc and Android?

Step1: Install Za archiver for android and Wizard for pc

Step2: Click that file and click extract for android and click that file and copy .iso file from it to desktop or anywhere for pc

Step3: Open ppspp and go to that place where you extracted the game then open it and enjoy it!

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I think as gameplay and features all things are well but the developer has to add more aliens that make this game more enjoyable. As I would like to rate this game 9.2/10.

Hope my download links are working and you can download ben 10 protector of earth for android easily. Enjoy gaming. Comment below if any of the links aren’t working.

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