15 Best Survival Games for Android 2022

best survival games for android

One of the best categories in the field of games is survival games. In survival games, you need to survive in a world full of aliens, zombies, or nothing. Therefore, today we represent to you the latest top 15 best survival games for android 2022.

Most survival games are open world. There are thousand of survival games. Some have bad graphics some have bad control some have bugs and lags.

But After searching all things we have a list of best of best survival games for android you can download and play. The list includes online and offline survival games for android.

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List Of 15 Best Survival Games For Android

Here is the list of the top 15 best survival games for android that you can play this 2022.

1ARK Survival: Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved” is one of the best mobile survival games for android 2022. When it comes to survival, hunting, old age, and realistic, dinosaur game, then Arc: Evolved is the best.

In this game, the main objective is to survive and become the best survivor the game. First, you start out alone with nothing. Then you have to gather resources build your own shelter and go on hunting. You can explore the world, find the dinosaurs and tame them or kill them.

It is an online multiplayer game where you can connect with your friends. You can also join or form a tribe, play with other players or play alone. There are 80+ realistic and dangerous dinosaurs or other creatures everywhere like in the sea, underground, ground, or air. You can craft many things first you will craft stone tools and then you will get guns. It is cross-platform: Available on Pc android and Ios.

The graphics are very realistic with everything very detailed. The physics is also good. The sound quality is also amazing with horrific and action adventure type sounds. The controls are also pretty good especially when it is a PC game. You need at least 3Gb or more ram to support.

2Days of Decay

Days of Decay” is another best survival game on android similar to the “Apk Survival” but you will find this game interesting if you love survival games.

The game starts with a story where you are on open land where you need to find the tools and collect different equipment to survive there. You find different ancient wild animals like dinosaurs and wild Buffalo.

You may get an unknown infection in this game. To survive there you need to check your health status as well as you need to get ready for wild animals and monster attacks which make this game more interesting.

This game size is huge so the graphics are also good, sound quality is professional and controls are a little hard.

3Radiation City

Radiation City” is a great paid zombie survival game for android with a taste in shooting and action-adventure. What interesting things in this game are that you need to survive in the city fighting with not only animals, you find zombies along your way.

This game is a little bit story-based survival game having a lot of adventure. What you need in these games is that you need to maintain the health, thirst, and radiation this you will need to collect things and tools to fight that situation.

The main aim of the game is staying alive which is going to be more complex and difficult in the game as the game is full of danger at each point. And Time here is limited.


“LifeAfter” is also the most popular and famous best survival RPG game for android with high graphics and the best controls. In this game, you find that you not only have to survive you also need to fight with monsters and prepare yourself for another battle.

This game got a very good quality story also. Even PUBG, Freefire, and COD replace this type of game this game is best. Even on budget gaming phones, it runs only on 30 fps.

Especially, for offline users lifeafter is the online multiplayer survival game for android. But the best part of the game that I love is discovering new places as these games are also the open world. The story of this game is also amazing.

5Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War

Dawn of Zombies: Survival after the Last War ” is a survival multiplayer game for android having a horror tone.

In this game, you need to defeat different zombies on your way. This game gives you a role where you got a family or you are on a mission or simply this game has its own story.

The game consists of an open world with huge maps having each new discovery of place more exciting seen comes on playing. Try this horror survival game I am sure you will enjoy this game.

6This War of Mine

This War of Mine” is a different type of story based survival game. The interesting part of this game is that you have three characters here surviving altogether.

All these three characters have their own capacity like cooking, storing, etc. Here you are in a safe house where all of you have your own duties and role to survive.

The main game feature is you are going to fill world war, nuclear war This game was on steam too so it was PC games but now it is available on android devices too.

Note that the War of Mine is a paid game but this game is worth your money. Enjoy the game.


Minecraft is a very popular open world survival crafting game. It is available on all platforms. This game is very much known by everyone around this world.

For those who don’t know, this game is for surviving and crafting. The main aim of this game as a story is to defeat the ender dragon. But many people play this game for fun and building. It is multiplayer, PvP mode available, and online servers are also available.

Graphics can be changed according to your device by using textures and behaviors, controls are very hard in android and sound is normal.

8Project Arrival

Project Arrival is a console graphics action survival game available in android 2022. You need high end device to play this game. In this game, you are one of the survivors of an alien invasion that left earth on the edge of destruction.

Not just shooting aliens, but also you need to survive in open world area by gathering all the resources around you. You can even build, craft, and customize your house. The graphics are like of console, sound quality is also high and controls are decent.


Chimeraland is open world sandbox RPG survival game available for android. In this game, you will get a huge map of 4 continents( 9 billion square areas). You need to gather resources, hunt different creatures, go on hunting treasures and build your own home.

You can see hundreds of ancient stranger creatures which you can hunt or tame. You can enter 10 kinds of single players. There is also unlimited PvP mode available.
The graphics are decent, the sound quality is good and the controls are a little hard.

10Fading City

Fading City is a high graphics survival game for android developed by NetEase Games. The story is of the ruined city called Weidu. There is a zombie invasion of the whole city. Few survivors dived into the Underground to survive from zombies.

Here, you need to collect and gather resources in open world area, you can customize your weapons and build your own underground house during a zombie invasion. You and your team can take 50 Zombies at a single time. Zombies are also different, some are huge as buildings.

You need to explore the weird city and find out the mystery of the city. Graphics quality is very high, sound quality is also good and controls are also easy.

11Lost in blue

Lost in blue is a survival action open world game for android 2022. In this game, you are a survivor of a plane crash into an unknown strange island. So, you need to survive on this island full of mysteries. You need to gather and collect resources to make your own home and make strong weapons.

You also need to defend your house by crafting a tower and other things. You have to survive from volcanos and glaciers etc as well as survive zombies and other mysterious creatures. It supports a multiplayer feature where you can work together PvE or Fight with each other PvP.

The graphics quality is good. The bad thing is you will get a cinematic view from the top. The sound quality is nice and the controls are very easy.

12Dead Rival

Dead rival is the best MMORPG zombie survival game available on android in 2022. In this game, you will battle with zombies and shoot them with different skills as it is a Mmorpg game.

It supports a multiplayer feature where you can team up or fight with them. You need to shoot a different dangerous zombie and go further. You can choose 3 characters with various attacks and skills. You can craft randomly in your crafting area. You can also customize your character.

Graphics are 3d Fortnite type, sound quality is also good compared to other games and controls are to use skills and attack zombies.

13ZOZ: The Final Hour

ZOZ: The Final Hour is the best survival zombie game for android 2022 made by NetEase Games.

In this game, there is a huge zombie invasion in your city. Now you need to fight against them with your brave armies. The main goal is to escape every battle alive. The game shows different cinematic views from time to time as a story.

You need to complete different challenges and missions to move forward. After many challenges, you will get more strong and different weapons that will help you to kill zombies.

The graphic quality is very high, sound quality is the best and controls are similar to shooting games.

14FFVII The First Soldier

FFVII The First Soldier is an action shooting survival game similar to PUBG And Apex Legend. Thus the game is also sequel to the game Final Fantasy Vii. This is the time before Final Fantasy when there was forming of soldiers.

In this game, there is an RPG feature. You can choose 3 different types of character which has got their own advantages and disadvantages. The main mission of this game is to become the last soldier to survive in monstrous land.

This game is full of creepy and deadly creatures and monsters. You will play globally with other players and defeat the monsters. As you complete the challenges, you will get more combat skills and strong weapons.

The graphics quality is decent, sound quality is also good and controls are easy when you understand it.

15Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition

Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition is the best survival cartoon type game for android. The game is childish at first but when you understand this game, you will find this game more interesting, hard, and challenging.

In this game, you are a scientist who is in a mysterious world forced to craft and survive. This game is very fun and time passing and hard. You will die many times at first but once you get used to it you will survive in this game.

Graphics are not so good but don’t go in its graphics go in its gameplay, controls, and sound is good and easy.

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As to summarize this article I will like to ask you whether you like my collection of android survival games or not? Also, you will really enjoy these best survival games for android in 2022 if you try these games.

Well, these games stood in the top 10 best survival games in 2022. Leave a comment if you want to add your favorite games to this list.


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