15 Best Open World Games For Android 2022

best open world games for android

Open world games are one of the best categories games. Today we have collected some of the best open world games for android 2022. In open world games, you can walk freely, the world is yours, you can do everything, play stories, do quests, destroy everything you want.

You can do anything as you please. PC games like GTA games, Minecraft, Cyberpunk are some of the examples of Open World Games. We don’t find high graphics and good open world games like Pc on Android.

It’s January 2022 and finally, we will get some high graphics 2022 open-world games on android. Today, I have collected some of the best offline and online open world android games for android for 2022.
There were so many good open world games but we have selected the best 15 and underrated open-world games. We have not included Gta games as you gamers already heard about them.

Top 15 Best Open World Games For Android 2022

Here are some of the best top 15 open world games for android free available in the play store. This game includes RPG games, high graphics, under 500 MB, offline and online free open world games for android. Without further time waste, let’s see our list of the top 15 best open world games for android.

1Genshin Impact

adventure open world games for android

Genshin Impact is one of the popular action RPG games available on android and ios for free. Genshin Impact is the pc game that is now available on android to play. Genshin impact is vert popular that every game jas heard of it. It’s a game with high graphics, high size, and a high exploring map game. It has got many features.

Here, you can explore the world freely, or the main thing about this game is exploring. It gives us a beautiful environment. Playing Genshin Impact is fun that you will start putting charger. It is a fun addition game. It has a story about finding your sister taken by some sort of god. You need to level up, buy a new character, fight monsters, enemies, and dragons, do different dungeons, etc, and go in the story. Here, you need to do everything by yourself, the game will not help you in anything.

The Graphics have got one of the best quality even in the low settings. Here, you need some good device to play it or you need to optimize your game. This game takes more than 12 GB on your phone. The controls are also decent. You will feel a bit laggy and your mobile will start to heat so make sure to watch youtube if you feel like optimizing problems.

2Second Galaxy

role playing game open world games android

Second Galaxy is the new MMO rpg open world game for android. It is a popular space game. If you have ever heard of Evo online then it’s a similar version of it. The most amazing fact about the second galaxy is its map area. This game map is bigger than Minecraft. You will tell me Minecraft is an endless game but it ends.

Here In Second Galaxy, you will get to explore more than 1000 galaxies. But honestly, this game is very time-consuming. You will get addicted to this game if u like slow-paced games. In this game, you will learn how to control a spaceship, buy a new spaceship, upgrade a spaceship, battle with a spaceship, upgrade pilots, gets to explore more than 1000 galaxy, amazing eyes satisfying environment, time-consuming, PvP and Pve facility and many other features.

You will lose half of the time in the tutorial as well as you need to learn and play this game. When you think you have learned something, you will again give a new thing to learn. If you want a peaceful, battle full, beautiful scenario, learning and playing type of open-world game, then this game is for you.

The graphics are at an amazing level. You will get a very detailed amount of graphics around your surrounding and your spaceship. The controls and features are hard to learn. You can battle spaceships and many other things.


open world multiplayer games android

Minecraft is one of the best popular open world crafting games for android. When it comes to open-world games on android, Minecraft deserves to be on number 3 even if it’s an old game.

Minecraft is a very popular open world game that is under 500 MB and is available on android for those who don’t know. You can skip this if you want but if you are new read more. Here, you will get into almost an endless world. You need to explore, Craft things and survive in this world. Zombies and many other creatures will attack you, you need to survive from them. You can also kill an ender dragon which is the main story or mission of the game. Here, other than exploring you can craft many new things by showing your creativity, PvP features with more than 100 players in a server, you can do agriculture, make a house, kill creatures, etc.

The graphics are decent or bad for those who want to play with some high graphics. But you can download some texture packs if you want some high graphics. The control is hard as it is a Pc game. Other features are good the developers update this game every year or a month.

4Tower Of Fantasty

best free offline open world games for android

Tower Of Fantasy is the anime RPG game for android, ios and Pc. Tower Of Fantasy is a game that just has been released in December 2021. Tower Of Fantasy is similar to the gets his impact.

This game is not available in the play store right now so you need to download the apk or beta version.
Here also, you will get to explore a huge map, follow a story similar to get him to impact. Here, you will get chased by dogs at first while you will get ripped by god in getting him to impact XD.

You will get character customization, buy new characters, fly swimming and special power of each character, amazing graphics. But still not better than Genshin Impact.

Here, you will also get a great combo system or a fighting system like gets him impact. You will unlock the map by finding a statue. Step by step you will unlock the map. Just like Genshim Impact, it has a ganache too.

The graphics are high quality with the anime characters and a beautiful realistic environment. A great open game for those who want to explore fight and play stories at the same time. The combos are very good at this game. I especially like fighting. You will do side quests, dungeons, etc.

5My Time at Portia

best paid open world games for android

My Time at Portia is also the best open world high graphics crafting game similar to the modern version of Minecraft and stardew valley. Here, you will get realistic features and graphics than Minecraft. My Time at Portia is also the pc game that is available on Android right now. This game is also released about 6 or 7 months ago.

My Time at Portia is the modern and best graphics version of Minecraft. Here, you will cut down trees, eat food, do agriculture, explore the village, talks to different people, etc. I suggest you go play this game if you are a fan of Minecraft. This game features a beautiful environment and your main character will be the kid.

The graphics are pretty colorful and good with decent details on structures. The controls are also good in a way. Sound and open-world features are cool here.

6Arc survival Evolved

open world survival games android

Ark Survival Evolved is the best high graphics survival open world game for android. Ark survival is the game where you need to survive from monsters. As likely, you will lost on an island full of old dinosaurs and different monsters. I was eaten by a shark in the game. You will first give stone weapons to attack very small dinosaurs.

Step by step your weapons will get modernized and you will get guns like a shotgun,m4a1, etc. You will also get a multiplayer feature with 100 players and PVP mode. You need to secure your chest while playing multiplayer. This game is also derived from Pc to android.

The graphics are very realistic and high, multiplayer feature, controls are good, fighting style are pretty nice like shooting dinosaurs, you can tame big dinosaurs or flying dragons. You will especially get to fight ancient monsters. I personally recommend you to play this game


open world rpg games for android

Ocean horn is the best story adventure open world game for android offline. Ocean Horn is a game where you have an open-world feature with some story and adventure and some time-wasting things. Ocean horn is actually the game from Nintendo switch which is now available on android. It is the old game hut it is still popular all over the world.

Here, You will get the main character a kid with a great adventure aside. You will get to play a role as the main hero and complete your adventure and story. I will not spoil it because it’s good. You will visit different villages, drive a boat fight villains, etc. Bit this is a time-consuming game where you talk to different people do their quests continue the Stroh etc. Personally, I hate time-consuming games which don’t lead to the story directly. This game provides you with quests and missions indirectly. If you are an Ios user I recommend you to play Oceanhorn 2 because it’s one of the best open-world games for ios.

The graphics are nice not too high and not too low, the story is good, quests or dungeons facilities. You will get a view from the top. The controls are easy and killing enemies is also easy.

8Albion Online

open world games for android online

Albion Online is one of the biggest map multiplayer RPG open world games. Albion Online has got one of the biggest maps.
Albion Online is a game where you kinda survive, battle, and explore the world of 600sq km. Here, You will get to develop a character just like you want to be. Like you can be a tank, a fighter, or a mage anything.

Using the right equipment at the right time makes this game more interesting. If you have high damage equipment in PVP, then you will get a high chance to win. This game is also derived from Pc to Android. Here, you can battle with people, friends, explore the world, kill monsters, craft weapons, and equipment, trade, etc

The graphics are pretty good, you will get a view from the top, the controls are easy, you will get different powers to attack and defend. The sound quality is decent.

9Ni No Kuni: Cross worlds

best role playing game open world games android

Ni No Kuni: Cross worlds is a beautiful action story anime that influences open world games. Ni No Kuni: Cross worlds is a game where you will get a wonderful open-world environment. First, you will get to choose a character. Every character has got different roles like long-range, swordsmen, barbarian, etc of 6 types. So when you choose one, you will throw it out in a story.

You will get some tutorials like attack tutorials, skill tutorials, equipment, moves, and others. Then you will get a beautiful environment traveling with one creature. You will continue the story from anime as well as get an open-world feature.

The graphics are 3d and very high with anime style features. The combo attack or controls are pretty amazing. Attacking skills are most better in this game. If you like anime open-world games, then Ni No Kuni: Cross worlds is the best game for you.

10Marvel Future Revolution

best rpg open world games for android

No one is not that dumb that hasn’t heard about marvel in the present day. Marvel is a very popular studio with different heroes. From Marvel Movies, some of the developers have made the marvel game called Marvel Future revolution.

Marvel Future revolution is the best high graphics superhero story open world game for android free. Here, you will get all the marvel heroes that you wish to play. I especially like to play spider man and iron man.

Here, with all marvel superheroes, you are choose to select one like Iron man, captain marvel, thor, spiderman, etc. Each hero has different powers, abilities, fighting combat, and story. For example, spider-man has swinging power, web-shooting powers, etc. You will fight different villains and creatures while following the story. You will also get an open-world environment. This is also one of my favorite open-world games.

The graphics are realistic and very high. Fighting and combo styles are amazing and good. You will get a fully open-world experience. The Sound quality, gameplay, and other features are best.

11Odin: Valhalla Rising

online open world survival games android

When you heard Valhalla, you will probably remember one game. I can guess, it’s assassin creed Valhalla. Well, this game is pretty similar to that game. A game where everything is war and battle.

Odin: Valhalla Rising is an action MMO RPG game for android. This game has shattered the world. This is no 1 MMO RPG fame available on both Pc and Android. This is also a Korean game but you can download the English version of it.

Here, you will first be given to choosing the character similar to Nino no Kumi. You have Healer, Long-range, warrior. when you select a character you will get character customization which is pretty good. Then you will be thrown into an open-world environment. Do some tutorials, fights, talk to people then let’s go it’s time to control the world. You can do anything you want, fight monsters, enemies, buy new things, upgrade, etc. As it’s a Pc game, you will get an auto-attack feature on mobile.

The graphics are very realistic with a very small detail on them. The combo and attacks are pretty amazing for every character. Even with different skills, you can do different combos. The control and sound capability of the game are also decent. I personally recommend this game if you like MMO RPG games.

12Luois The Game

best offline open world games for android

When you hear the name Louis, you will probably start to remember something. I know you will start to remember the company name, Louis Vuitton. Well, Lucious the Game is the first game made by Louis Vuitton.

Luis the game is the best open-world good environment game that is available on Android right now. Luis the game is a game where you can have different beautiful and color environments. Here, first, you will be given some tutorial, then you will start some kind of level or story. I won’t tell go and play this game yourself.

The graphics are very smooth and beautiful The controls are hard as to swipe you will be given a joystick and other features are good. The sounds are realistic and beautiful.

13Mad Out 2 Big city online

open world games for android like gta 5

Without GTA games, the open world games won’t be completed. Therefore, I added one GTA type for android. Mad Out 2 Big City online is Gta 5 in android for free.

Mad Out 2 Big City Online is an online multiplayer open world game. Here, the best feature is you can play it with your friends by connecting to a server. You can race, fight or do anything. It has Gta 5 type of graphics with a very huge map. Here, you can buy Cars, And weapons before respawning in the world with money. You can explore the world, drive cars, play with your friends.

The graphics are very high and realistic. It is available on Pc and android. The controls are good with too many features. The multiplayer feature is also good. The map is one of the biggest maps of the android games.

14Evil Lands Online RPG

action role playing game open world games android

Evil Lands Online RPG is an online role playing best open world game for android. This game is an ancient game of the war age.

Here, you will get to choose a character( warrior, assassin, or mage). Then you will be thrown out to the world. After that, you will follow everything like the game says but you will get an open-world feature from the beginning. You will do different missions, quests, and explore the world. The more mission you do, the more your character will level up. You will get different skills after playing missions. You will fight different creatures like skeletons and bosses. You can get experience to explore a very huge world.

The graphics are high and impressive as it’s an old android game. The controls and combo are pretty easy. You need some time to figure out to upgrade your character. The sound quality is amazing.

15Project Eoe

zombie open world game for android

Project Eoe is a game similar to life after. If you have heard of the game name life after, then you would probably like this game.
Project EOE is the zombie survival open-world game made by net ease. Net lease is a very popular android game developer who makes games with great concepts and graphics.

So, Project Eoe is the game where you need to survive from zombies. You will give a pistol at first and some man will give you some hints or tutorial. You need to follow it and boom. You will now get an open-world feature with a huge map. You need to kill zombies survive save people and do many things you can do here.

The graphics are ultimately best. The controls are amazing for an android user. The game is a large size game of more than 1GB. The sound quality is very good for this type of game.


This is the list of some best open world games that you can download on google play. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite open world game.


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