15 Best Local Multiplayer Games for Android 2022

best lan offline games for android

We always get quite bored playing the same games again and again. But we never get bored while playing the same game with friends. So here we bring out the 15 best local multiplayer offline games for android in 2022 that you can play with your friends right now.

While the games where we can play without friends are called multiplayer games. But what about online and offline multiplayer games. Not every time you can have an internet connection but still want to play games with your friends.

While in the present time, many developers don’t really make offline multiplayer games. So it’s really hard to find local multiplayer offline games with some good graphics, gameplay, and plot. After researching for a week, I provide you best 15 multiplayer offline games for android 2022 with good features and can be supported in low end devices too. So without further ado, let’s see our top 15 local multiplayer games for android.

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Best 15 Local Offline Multiplayer Games For Android 2020

Here is the list of best lan games for android that you can enjoy with your friends.

1Mini Militia

Even though this game is old, Mini Militia is still one of the legendary offline multiplayer games for android.

This game is still one of the best games to play on the android phone for passing time with friends. Here, In this game, you can play online multiplayer as well as offline with your friends.

There are 2 modes one is cooperative and another is deathmatch. In cooperation, you will play with your friend together and defeat robots. In deathmatch, you. need to find a weapon and kill your friend. Every weapon has got different abilities. So it depends on luck what you find at first and how will you play with that weapon to kill your friend. If it’s for passing time this game is the best.

The graphics are 2d but still best as they can work in all low end devices. The controls are also good with a moving joystick and fire joystick function. The sound makes this game fun to play.


Brawlhalla is a free open platform 8 player multiplayer game. You can directly connect to your friends and play it offline and online. Whether it’s Pc, Playstation or Android you can play this game for free.

Here in this game, there are 50 unique characters with different fighting skills and abilities. There is a limit of 8 players in a single game. This game feature online ranked game 2v2 and 1v1, a free classic 4 player survival game, and a custom game with 4v4, 3v3, and 1v2 with fun different modes like brawl ball, basketball, capture the flag, and many others. You can also practice combos in the training room.

The graphics are 2d and HD. Graphics really don’t matter too much in this game. All that matters here is how will you defeat your opponents. The controls are very important, you can do different combos with your controls. The sound makes it cool and funny.

3Dream League Soccer 2022

Dream League Soccer is one of the best football games of 2022. Even though dream league soccer is an online multiplayer game but it can be also played locally with no data. You need to ha6ve 3 phones, 1 for opening the hotspot and 2 for connecting to that wifi.

Then you can go and play this amazing football game with your friends.
Here in this game, it has got different modes like career, tournament, rank but it isn’t necessary if you are gonna play multiplayer. However, the characters of this game is very necessary.

You need to level up and buy famous football players like Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, etc and upgrade them to become the best Dls player.

The graphics and 3d cinematic with HD animation. We can also get classic controls in which you can also do various stunts and the sound is absolutely amazing when it comes to football games.

4Asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is a very old and very popular car racing game. If you want to play racing multiplayer games with friends, then this game is best for you.

Asphalt 8 gives you the best racing experience of all time. It has got more than 80+ branded and famous cars, more than 5 different modes. Since it is a car racing game, you can upgrade your vehicles, buy new vehicles and race them on the field. You can play multiplayer with your friends. Just play it and you can see the function to play multiplayer mode, it’s very easy.

The graphics of this game is 3d and Hd with very realistic animations. The cars are easily introduced. Similarly, the controls are very easy but it’s hard to drive for 1st or 2nd time. The sound of this game is really like someone starting a real car engine. Asphalt 8 can be supported on many devices. The total size of this game is 2GB+.

5Counter Strike

download counter strike for android

Counter Strike is also one of the legendary multiplayer shooting games which are and always be popular. This game can’t stop being played by global players. It is one of the famous origins of shooting games. However, Counter Strike is a Pc game but now it can be played on Android.

Here, in this game, you can play different modes. You can also join the global server and play any mode you want. You can also play with your friends offline 1v1 or 2v2 or you can play offline solo with bots.

I don’t need to describe this game since you guys all know it. You can search on youtube to know how to download Counter strike on android.

The graphics are quite old but it’s still good for legendary gamers. The sound is also good like all firing, bombing and bomb planting, etc. The controls are quite hard as it is pc game. The best feature of this game is the very dangerous bots of all time.

6Virtual Table Tennis

Virtual Table Tennis is another best local multiplayer offline game for 2022. If you want to play table tennis with your friend, then this game is best for you.

In virtual Table tennis, you can use Bluetooth as a source to play table tennis between 2 friends. You can also play offline solo tournaments or friendly matches or online global matches.

It also has got different bats with different power-ups. Make sure you didn’t miss it. This game has also got science. The ball exactly hits and goes out of it like it was supposed to be. You can do checks, epic services, and defeat the enemy.

The graphics are 3d and realistic, controls are east and east is also food. It can be also supported on many low end devices.


Bombsquad is another one of the famous and popular fun local offline multiplayer games that is available for android.

In Bombsquad, you will get mini game mode in which you need to blow up your friends. That’s what this game is about. First, you need to blow up your friends with a bomb, then capture their flag and win the game.

This game features 8 players local multiplayer mode. It has also got a very fun and advanced ragdoll with unique physics. The characters are also funny looking like pirate ninjas, chefs, etc.

The graphics are 3d and pretty nice. The controls and overall everything is moderate. This game is supported on almost every device.

8Racers Vs Cops

Racer vs Cops is another car racing or chasing the local multiplayer game. This game is also one of the popular games from old times. If you have no internet connection then this game is best for you.

Here, in this game you will get online and offline multiplayer as well as vs Ai mode. and the main objective of this game is on 2 roles, one is Racer and another is a cop. The objective of the racer is to reach the finish line before the cops reach them and destroy them.

Similarly, the main objectives of the Cops are to chase the racer and destroy their car before they reach the finish line. Each person gets to choose one rule and play the game. This game also features various different famous car models which you can buy after racing.

The graphics are beautiful and has good detail on many things. The controls and overall all things are nice.

9Badminton League

Badminton League is one of the best local multiplayer sports games that you can find for android.

Here in this game, you can play badminton with your friends like in real life and it features an offline local multiplayer mode. So you can enjoy this game anytime and anywhere. You can also play this game globally with other humans or play this game with AI.

It features a badminton tournament by which you can earn money and can customize your character personality like hair shirt pants etc. To make this game more fun you can do many shots and combos.

The graphics are a little too bad but the gameplay is good. Similarly, Control will get easy once you get familiar and the sounds are absolutely amazing when you hit the ball or cheer of the crowds.

10Real Tag

Real Tag is one of the most unique local multiplayer games that you can possibly find on an android device. It is different from other games on a whole different level.

Here, you won’t be playing at home against each other. Here, you will have to experience the outer world. First, you will be given an outward camera view. Then you will get some guns or controls around your cameras. So, you pick up the phone move around your place, and wherever your friend is, shoot him and kill him. It is actually very fun once you got used to it.

There is no graphics or anything because you will be playing in the outer world by using your phone. The main requirement of this game is you must need good camera quality so it can identify the player.

112 player games

2 Players games is also counted as the multiplayer local offline games for android.
Here, the main feature of this game is you can play multiplayer with your friends on a single phone and it’s also very fun.

Especially when you have to play on the same phone. This game has got many mini-games like tank war, racing, Shushi eating, etc. The graphics are 2d but quite good, the sound is fun and the controls are very easy.

12Blackmoor 2

Blackmoor 2 is another funny arcade popular game that is available for android.
Here in this game, you will get 13 different heroes with different classes and abilities. With each of the heroes, you can battle.

This game provides you with different modes like story mode, dungeon mode, cooperative multiplayer, PVP, etc. All these mods are very fun to play and hard to defeat enemies.
the graphics are 2d and quite funny. The controls are also easy and hard.

The sound is also funny. However, this game can be only played on high end devices and require a network connection for some modes.

13Ripe Tide Gp

Ripe Tide GP is another fun multiplayer high graphics moto racing game for android.
In this game, you will race in water with 7 different hydro jets in 3 different mods. It has console type graphics and water reflection and true water physics. We can race, destroy do different stunts, and do many other things.

This game is quite unique and fun to play. You can race with your friends in this game but it’s hard to center your hydro jets so be careful.

The graphics are console type as I already mentioned. The controls and overall all facilities are best.

14The Escapist 2: Pocket Breakout

Escapist 2: Pocked Breakout is one of the famous prison escaping games available for android.

Here simply in this game, you need to escape from prison but it’s not quite easy because there will be many obstacles that you will be facing like cops security, and everything. In local multiplayer offline mode, you can play up to 3 players and escape the prison together.

The graphics and other features are all nice and can be played on many devices.

15Get me bro

Get me bro is another running or racing multiplayer game. This is the stickman running multiplayer fun game.

You can play multiplayer but it is online so make sure you have a network connection available or it won’t be supported. In this game, you can play globally with other players or can play private matches.

You can get different characters’ customization and abilities. so make sure you use everything in this game usefully and beat your friend in running.

The graphics are decent, controls are pretty easy with normal sound. It is an online multiplayer game but it is too good to be listed on this top 15 local multiplayer games for android list.

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This is the list of some best lan games for android in 2022 that you can download on google play. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite open world game.


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