16 Best Horror Games for Android 2022

best horror games for android

Horror Games are very scary and take our heart. Horror Category games are not liked by everyone but it’s very good for someone who wants some fun. A game that is scary at that same time you need to solve puzzles, their types of games are horror games. Today, we are gonna give you the best 16 horror games for android 2022.

Horror games are especially not made for those who have weak hearts. But We know you gamers have a heart made of steel. Wait, there’s a twist in the list. Playing scary games alone gets a poop but playing that same game with friends will make you laugh and give you fun.

Here, We have included High Graphics horror games, multiplayer horror games, and unique puzzle horror games with a good story. Without further ado, let’s move on to our list of best horror games.

Best Horror Games For Android

Here are the best latest 16 horror games for android below:-

1The school white day

The school white day is the best Japanese type horror game available on android. Although it’s similar to Japanese games, it’s made by Korea. This game was made in 2001.

The best feature of this game is the story. The story with good horror environment. Another is this is a horror game with a teenager or a schoolboy falling in love with a girl. Our main character tries to return her forgotten diary as well as give her candy as a gift. So, He comes to school at night to dance with ghosts and give his girlfriend candies. I won’t spoil it anymore.

The graphics quality is really high with detailed animated things. It is 3d and the subtitles are English. There is one puzzle in the Korean language which you need to solve by watching youtube. The sound quality is really good especially as a horror game.

It has got good subtitles, jumpscares, beautiful ghost girls and the main boss fight. The best thing about this game is it has got 11 endings. Half of them are bad and half of them are good. So, make sure you are doing the right thing.

2Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is the best online multiplayer horror game for android with high graphics and cross-platform features.

In this game, there are 4 survivors and 1 hunter. It is multiplayer so you can play with your friends or play yourself in a global world. It is also one of the best horror games for pc. Even though it is played by millions of people matchmaking takes a few minutes.

Here, survivors have to escape or run away from hunters, fix the engines, and solve puzzles. The main thing is to survive from hunters. The hunter’s main role is to kill all survivors. The hunter is very fast to catch a survivor in a race. But the hunter has FPP and the survivor has Tpp which makes it hard for a hunter. A hunter has different abilities like getting invisible or scaring survivors with illusions.

The game has very high graphics as it came out from Pc. This game may not work on Low End Devices. The sound is really good with every detail in it. There is a horrific environment as well as a scary hunter. The controls are easy for Survivors and a little bit hard for hunters.

3Lost Within

Lost Within is the best high graphic horror game for android. It is actually the scariest and hunting type of game with a good story.

Here, You are locked in a mental laboratory. In order to escape you need to solve puzzles, discover new areas and hide from monsters. Monsters are very dangerous. As a story, different humans were being experimented there that turn them into mental monsters. If they find you, they will kill you.

Also, they are very scary. So, you have to survive as well as progress the game. You need to find the escape door as there is only one.

The graphics are really smooth and very high. The monsters are properly animated. The controls are very hard which gives you tension to play this game. As you don’t have Joystick you need to click a certain area to move. So, you can get killed anytime. The sounds are very horrific. Whether you play in day or night, wearing headphones will take out your heart.

4Identity V

Identity V is also another hunting horrific scary game similar to Dead By Daylight. I think it’s for medium level gamers. Those who can’t play Dead By Daylight can play Identity V.

Identity V is actually an old game made by a popular android developer Netease company. Its size is more than 1Gb. This game has got really high graphics. Here, similar to dead by daylight there are 4 survivors 1 hunter. Survivors need to Survive from hunter and Fix machines and hunters need to kill survivors. The characters are really cute like anime characters.

The game is good because of its characters, fast matchmaking, multiplayer mode, high graphics, and horror environment. It’s a very scary game. The controls are very good and the sound gives you goosebumps.

5Evil Nun: Horror Brawl

Horror Brawl is a very unique battle royal horror game. The unique part of this game is you need to survive from players as well as survive from ghosts.

Horror brawl is a very fun multiplayer horror game. We can play up to 16 players. The ghost is included from Nun, Mr.meat, and Ice cream sagas. You can also choose characters from those stories.

Every character has different abilities. The main objective of this game is to collect magic crystals. You need to kill other players in order to survive and collect crystals. But At the same time, the hunter or ghosts will hunt you.

Also, you can transform into one of the ghosts when you collect magic crystals. Only One can survive and escape from this world. So, be careful to make strategies and be the only one to survive.

The graphics are quite good with 3d features and cute characters from all other games. The controls are also good with all features. For eg: Crouching will help you to escape from ghosts as well as players. The sound is also good for its game. This game is a mixture of Dead by Daylight and Identity V.

6The Ghost

The Ghost is the best high graphics Co-Op survival multiplayer horror game that is available on android. This is an incredibly scary game even with playing your friends.
Here, you can play as a friend as well as play global.

Here, there will be no one hunting you, no big puzzles. This game is more suited to be the best multiplayer horror game. The only thing you need to worry about is jumpscares. While you are doing something and you turn back suddenly a ghost will scare you.

So, you need to survive before a ghost eats your soul. You need to cooperate with friends and survive in that place. There is a very amazing story with some horrific scenes and the objective of this game. This has 3 maps, can play up to 5 players, voice and message chatting facilities.

The graphics are really high and very realistic. The place is covered with blood like a horrific environment. The ghost will try to scare you at any time. So, this game is very scary especially when you put on headphones. It has incredibly sharp sounds so beware of ghosts behind your back.

7MidNight Awake

Midnight Awake is a solo offline scary horror game for android. If this game doesn’t scare you then no one can until you play with a real ghost yourself.

Here, you or a boy wake up in the middle of the night and find that in your house there is happening very paranormal or mysterious activities. While walking in your house, you will find that your dad is missing as well as there are some strange phone calls.

So, It’s upon you what will you do at that time. You have to solve this Mystery about your house and your father. Not only this game is scary but also has a good story. Here, you need to find clues, hints and solve the puzzles. Also, you need to give the boy a good ending.

So, think about what are you doing. Here, no one will come and hunt you, there are no ugly creatures. The game will try to scare you but you need to have a heart of steel.

The graphics are decent with the scary thrilling environment, controls are bad as you have to select where you are going with no joystick included, sounds are scary which will give you goosebumps and jumpscares most of the time and have the best story like the school white day.

8Granny 3

I don’t think I need to describe this game Detaily as everybody in this world knows this game. If you like the previous part of the granny horror series game, then Granny 3 is good for you to play.

Granny 3 is a popular mysterious horror and hunt game. This game will give you so much tension. Here, you need to use logic in order to escape from the house.
In granny, granny hunts you, and in granny 2, grandpa and granny both hunts you and in granny 3 not only granny and grandpa but sledrina will scare you anytime.

This game will seriously take your heart. Here, you can’t just run you need to make strategies so that you won’t be caught. You need to be aware of grandpa who carries a shotgun that can shoot you from a distance. You also need to be aware of slendrine as she can scare you anytime. The house is very big so you need to make strategies, solve mysteries and puzzles and escape from that hunting house.

The graphics are pretty good with creepy granny and grandpa. The controls are the same as usual, the sound is scary with slendirna jumpscare, a big new house for granny and grandpa. I still wonder why developers didn’t even leave granny and grandpa to make horror games and how they move on new houses.

9Slendrina The Cellar

I swear that your heart will be out when you play this game. Slendrina the cellar is a very scary offline horror game that is available on android. This game is probably the best horror game for android that I have ever played. I personally suggest you to play this game at night wearing headphones. But don’t play if you have a weak heart.

Here, You will be spawned in a very dark room. The main objective of this game is you need to collect books and escape. But be aware this game room is almost like a mage. If you go somewhere there will be nothing but a wall and when you turn back slendrina is ready to scare you.

She will come to scare you anytime and anywhere. If you look at her too much she will kiss you and kill you. So, you need to make strategies, discover the horrific image like rooms, find keys and books, unlock doors and escape from the house. Sometimes they will scare you so badly that heart will come out.

The graphics are at a medium level not too bad and not too good. This game provides you with a very horrific environment full of blood and darkness. The darkness in this game is too much. The controls are good as there is only one joystick. The sound is very scary and creepy.

10Siren Head

A list of android horror games without Siren Head included in it is very bad. Therefore, I have included Siren Head in my best horror games list. Everybody knows what is siren head is. A Siren Head is a Very long creature with 2 Speakers like things as heads. There is also a rumor that some people have seen siren head in real life.

So, from those rumors, some developers have made a very scary game called Siren Head. The siren head is an offline horror game. Here, you will be stuck with a car in the middle of the forest. You have nothing but a damaged car and a flashlight at the night in the forest.

So, you need to discover the forest, find different tents or small houses. You need to find equipment to repair your car so that you can escape from siren head who is lurking around the forest. First? you will hear a siren and when you look behind you will find 15 feet Monster with a siren on his head with no face trying to eat you.

But I wonder how will he eat with no face. Anyway, you need to run out from siren head and repair your car to escape. There aren’t any puzzles or anyone hunting you except siren head.

The graphics are quite good with horrific deep forest and a monster walking and dancing with a hungry monster. The sound is also good but when there is siren there is a jumpscare and ear breaking sound. The controls are simple.


Detention is an unbelievably amazing horror game that you can find on android. You have seen so many games where you need to escape from a place, ghosts will hunt you scare you, etc. But This game is not like that. There are no ghostly things like that but it’s scary.

Here, you are a girl student of Taiwan place. Taiwan is a place full of religious and spiritual things. So, you will follow the very old 90’s story here. A boy wakes you up as there was a flood coming in. So, you both run but are accidentally swept away by the water full of blood.

It was like it is real or not. Then you will wake up in the same Taiwan but full of darkness like another world. Here, there are too many ghosts that will hunt you. You need to buy exorcism weapons to be safe.

Like other games, this game is scary because of its sound. It’s too scary. A similarly ghostly environment is full of old religious things which are so horrific. A place and sound itself will scare you. Also, the ending of the story varies on what will you do to solve the puzzles and problems.

The graphics are 2d but horrific with its old and spiritual things surrounding the game. The control is simple to drag but it’s difficult. The sound has many scary background sounds.

12Emily wants to play to

Emily wants to play too is a scary horror and hunting android game. A game where you become scared as well as hunting. Emily itself sounds scary. Emily wants to play too or 2 means that this game is the sequel to Emily wants to play 1.

Here, You are a pizza boy going to someone’s house to Deliver pizza. Once you entered the house, the door automatically locks. And here the main twist will begin to start. In order to escape from that house, you need to find keycards unlock doors, solve puzzles and mysteries.

But it’s not that easy there are dolls in that house. They seem to be possessed by some little kid’s dark spirit. So that brat wants to play with you and you need to dance with him so that you will also become a doll.

But you will not dance so that doll will try to kill you by giving some jumpscares or by hunting you. You need to survive from Emily’s doll and escape the room. There are two alternate endings which you need to find out by yourself.

The graphics are 3d and good. You will have first person view so that developers can scare you easily. But the main thing is sound. With his horrific sound, you will be scared. Even for milliseconds, you will be scared when jumpscare and sound mix with each other. The controls are easy with a joystick, updown, swipe, etc.

13Granny House

Seems like I have added too many multiplayer horror android games. As the granny game is very popular. A developer has come with a great idea. Why not make granny into a multiplayer game. So, by using that idea, he make a horror game called Granny House.

Granny House is an online hunting multiplayer game. The most special feature about this game is that there are different modes like story mode, escape mode, ignition mode, Red light green light mode, etc.

Here, in all of the modes, one or two become granny and the other 6 become survivors or children. In escape mode, survivors need to escape from the house by finding hidden parts in a limited time whereas hunters have to kill children until the time runs out.

Similarly, in story mode, you can find out why granny is collecting or prisoning all the children. There are other modes similar to escape mode. Here, as a multiplayer feature, you can play with friends and chat with them. Also, you can edit your characters with different customization.

The graphics are quite good with animated characters. The controls and sound feature is good too.

14Ice Scream 5 friends mike’s adventure

Ice Scream 5 friends is a sequel to the ice scream game. It is an amazing story horrific game. Ice scream has also been released. First of all, I suggest you to play Ice scream 1 to understand the whole story.

The story is about the ice scream man kidnapping different kids in his house or factory. Here, you will play a different character with a different role. You need to escape from the place with your friends.

In ice scream 4, you successfully rescued your friends but the reality was that all your friends were transported into the ice cream man factory. So, you will play different characters’ roles and escape from that factory. In ice scream 6 you need to save your last 2 friends.

You will have to solve puzzles find keys and rescue your friends. But Ice scream will hunt you so you have to make a strategy.

The graphics are good. The developers have released the sequel at a very fast rate. I wonder how do they make that thing that fasts. Other features like sound and controls are decent.

15Specimen Zero

Finally, it’s one of my favorite open world horror games. Specimen Zero is a hunting online multiplayer horror game.

Here, there is no such thing as a story. You need to escape from the house or mental laboratory. As a multiplayer feature, you can play with friends or play globally which also has included a chat system. This game is under 200 MB.

There are up to 4 players in this game. The map is too big but once you play it 4 5 times, you will get used to it. Therefore, it’s good to play with your friends. There are 2 maps 1 is free and another is premium.

You have different characters with different servers. There are 2 monsters in this game. The main creator will choose them. One monster is 2 legs which are basically too dangerous and another is 4 legs which are easy.

You can also make them sleep by using weapons. In order to escape, you need pin keycards or electricity. There are 2 ways to escape. One from the elevator and another from the main door.

The graphics are decent. The environment is too dark so you need to turn on the torchlight but it has also got a battery which you can find while discovering. The sound is very creepy and scary. The controls are a little bit bad when playing for 1st or 2nd time. I personally recommend this game because you can see a monster ass hole by killing him for a temporary time.

16Urban Legends Survival

Urban Legends Survival game is the best horror survival game for android developed by Ashim Shakya. This game is very good and has better graphics than other games.

This game is a 3D game so hope you may like this game. Graphics are better than other games and gameplay also better.

Out of 4, This game has a 3.5-star rating in the google play store. According to the review, it is a little buggier. Almost 10k People downloaded this till now in 2022.

If you want to try this game the link is given below. After trying this game if you like it then give a 5-star rating and share it with your friend so the developer also is happy with your review of this game. This game required android 5+ to play otherwise it will not run on your phone.


These are some of the best horror games for android in 2022. I really got the scared and mixed type of horror experience in these horror games. Comment below to update any things on the above games.


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