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How to Change Your Name in Among Us 2022?

After the among us update changing names in among us game is a kinda hard task. In this tutorial learn how you can change your name in among us game.

With the latest update of Among us New Airship Map, we are getting some problems like the random username on it. Yes, when you are on the starting or first boot of this game you can find the name as the player name as default. This name can be used as identity among this among us platform. 

So, if you are worried about the random name set by the among us and thinking to give a unique name for yourself as a player? Don’t worry here we have created the tutorial on how to change the random names among us.

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Video Tutorial

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Changing the username of the set as default by the algorithm of Among us may not be favorable to you. So, the changing process also may be new and difficult for many users. Overall, to solve this problem you have to launch the game on any supported platform.

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Mainly, here we are guiding you on how to change the random names in among us pc. If you are running on a PC based on Windows OS then definitely you need to check this tutorial once before going to other tutorials.

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Steps to Change Name in Among us Pc

Follow the steps below to change your random name in among us after the airship map update. 

Especially, this method is for those who don’t have an account in among us. If you haven’t bought among us from steam you are going to suffer from a can’t sign in problem. That you only can play using a guest account.

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Note: Update: There is no way to change the name in among us except doing sign up or download among us on steam. Well, PC users who are using among us unofficially, can’t change their name. 

Step 1: Create Account

First, make an account on among us. Both if you are using pc version or android version just create an account. After update without among us account, you can’t change your name.

how to create an account in among us

Step 2: Change Name

Now the new option is unlocked on the account section. Here you can change your random name to your own name.

For example, I am changing my name to “sgdum” as shown in the picture below. After changing your name hit confirm. Done we successfully changed our name in just 2 steps.

how to change player name in among us
how to change name in among us

Why can’t I change my name in Among Us?

The main reason is the accounting system introduced in this new updateDeveloper uses their big brain to stop unofficial among us. That without account in among us, you can’t change your name in among us after the airship update. Also if you don’t have an account in among us then, you can’t use the free chat.
Which is one of the bad update for those who can’t afford to buy among us game.

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Final Words

Changing the preset username in among us will be easy by following the simple steps mentioned by us.

We hope the update was given by Innersloth definitely makes you happy to uplift your experience to the next level. By following all steps you can change random name to your own name in among us after a new update. Comment below, if it works or not.

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