How to Get Free Fire Max Early Access 2021

Free Fire Max is going to be released on the Indian server but before releasing if you wanna play then you need to follow this tutorial on how you can get free fire max early access 2021.

Free Fire MAX was created specifically to provide a quality Battle Royale environment. Through special Firelink innovation, all Free Fire players can participate in a number of engaging game types.

With UHD resolutions and amazing effects, you'll be able to explore battles like no before. There is only one goal: to fight and will be the only one surviving. Ambush, shot, and endure.

Garena Freefire max, on the other hand, is still only accessible in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Bolivia, and for both Android and iOS. I'm hoping it'll be given access to the entire world. Because FreeFire Max is a more enhanced form of FreeFire, it has higher system specifications.

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For the time being, we'll inform you what FreeFire Max system requirements you'll need.

how to get free fire max early access

Minimum System Requirements of Free Fire Max

The minimum system requirements are as follows:

RAM: At least 4GB 

CPU: 1.2Ghz Octa Core + (OpenGL Es 3.0 + )

Android Version: 5.0 +

Storage: More than 3Gb to function lag-free

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Video Tutorial

Steps To Download Free Fire Max Early

Now let's follow the step to download and play the game. 

Step 1: Download Vpn 

Since Free Fire max has only been launched in some specific region we will play from the Vietnam server in our tutorial

For this, We have to download a VPN for Vietnam. 

Download OpenVPN from the play store.

vpn for free fire max

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Step 2: Download Vietnam VPN

VPN for Vietnam is for premium users only. That’s why we have to install a plugin for VPN in order to use it free. So, download Vietnam VPN - Plugin for OpenVPN from the play store.

best vpn for free fire max

Download: {getButton} $text={Download} $icon={link} $color={royalblue}

Step 3: Start Vietnam VPN Plugin

After installing both apps, now open the Vietnam VPN plugin and click on the green start button which will be appeared at the center of the screen. 

Step 4: Google Playstore

Now, after connecting to the VPN you have to clear the data of Google Playstore from the settings. To clear data navigate go to settings>manage apps>Google Playstore and from there clear the data of the app. If this goes wrong you will not be able to download the game. 

Note: From now on you have to keep VPN connected to follow the following steps.

Step 5: Create Gmail Account

Now after you clear the data, you have to make a new google account from the Vietnam server. So to create a google account you can create from anywhere on the phone. To be on the safe side, create an account from youtube. 

how to get free fire max

  • To create an account you just have to click on the top left circle where you can see you logged in Gmail ID. 
  • From there click on the plus sign and you will be directed to a new dialogue box where you can log in new ID or create a new one.
  • Click on Create a new option and select for myself.
  • Now create a new Gmail account following the instruction. But be careful while you put your birth date and put your birth year before 2000. 

Step 6: Download Game

After creating a new account now go to Google Playstore. On the top right-hand corner, you will be able to see the logo of your account. Tap on the button and choose the new account that you have just created using VPN

how to get free fire max early

You will not be able to find FreeFire Max from your main google account

Now download the game.

Free Fire Max Playstore Link: {getButton} $text={Link} $icon={link} $color={royalblue}

Step 7: Play Game

To play the game on high resolution and to enjoy the graphics you have to enable 4x MSAA from the developer option. 

If you don't find the developer option on your settings, go to the about device option and click multiple times on the build number if you have Samsung or MIUI version if you have a Xiaomi device. 


Now you can enjoy the game in early access. These are the best and easy ways to get Free Fire Max Early. The ping will be a little bit higher due to the distance between us and the server. 

If you have a really good internet connection your ping will range between 100 to 200 but if not then it might go up to 500.


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