Best Online Multiplayer Games For Android 2021

The evolution of gaming and games has been changing drastically. We used to play fighting, puzzle, survival, and many types of games. All were single players which were basically amazing.

However, now we can play with friends or any other players globally on our smartphones. I mean the online multiplayer games. You should play with other players which is more fun. So, Today we are giving you the best top 10 online multiplayer games for android 2021.

More than 80% of people have internet in their house. So, people are playing online games more than playing offline. Multiplayer online game is popular nowadays. 

People are always searching for online multiplayer games to play on their devices. So if you are searching for the latest popular online multiplayer games, you are in the correct place. 

Because today we will tell you the best online multiplayer games for android that you can download and play it on your android right now! So, Let's discover our latest multiplayer online games.

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Best Online Multiplayer Games For Android 2021

Best online multiplayer games for android 2021

We listed online multiplayer games according to the popularity, graphics, and people's rating and opinions so that it won't be hard for you to choose the correct game and play it right now. So, Let's see the best multiplayer games for android

BattleRoyale Games

Battle Royale Online Multiplayer Games

Who doesn't know about battle royale games? Nowadays everybody is playing battle royale games

Whether it is PUBG Mobile or Garena FreeFire or COD, Fortnite everybody knows about these games. Battle royale games are the best and most popular online multiplayer games which are available on android

If you don't know, then you can download battle royale games like Tencent Games, Freefire, Fortnite, and NetEase games. Make sure you have played this.

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Among Us

Best Online Multilayer Game.

Among us is the best online multiplayer games for android of 2020 and 2021. Everybody has heard its name. I think there is no one hadn't played this game once. Among us game has also won the award for the best multiplayer games for android in 2020. Let's describe it a little.

In this game, there are imposters and others are crewmates. The imposter needs to sabotage and kill crewmates before crewmates finish their tasks or find out who is the imposter. 

Like it, Crewmates' main objective is to finish all the tasks or find out who the real imposter is and eject him out.

You can play up to 15 players with 4 different maps. It is a fun game. Graphics and Controls are decent. You can play it on many devices.

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Apex Legend Mobile

Best Shooting Online Multiplayer Games For Android

Apex Legend is a console and Pc steam game. As a console game, you can know how good this game is? Apex Legend is also the battle royale game just like others. 

The reason why I didn't mix it in no 1 is that it might be not available in your country or we can say it is still in development. You can only play this game if your country is in India. This game is still in development so only a few players can play it right now. 

But make sure you pre-register it to play when it comes globally. Graphics and Controls are amazing and the requirements of these games should be very high because it is a high graphics console game that was not for free.

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Hide Online

Best Hide And Seek Online Multiplayer Game For Android.

You might have bored playing battle royale games. So, it's time to get more fun by playing Hide online. Hide online is the hide and seek online multiplayer game

It is also a popular game having more than 50 millions+ downloads. It is the most fun game in the listing because this is a hide and seeks game.

In this game, 5 people are hunters and 5 people are props. The main objective of the hunter is to find and kill props in a limited time to win. And the main objective of Props is to hide from hunters until the time runs out. 

But it isn't easy as said. Because props are objects. As a prop, You can turn into different objects like chairs, benches, burgers, etc, and hide from hunters but hunters can find you out because at a time you will scream out loud and tease hunters. At that time hunters and find you out and kill you. 

For hunters, They need to find who is props from checking more than 30 or 40 objects. Both have got special ability to and Catch.

Graphics and controls are decent, got a rating of 4.2 from 1 million people, No bots are added. And That's all for hiding online. You can play ut right now because it works on any device even on potato android.

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Crash Drive 3

Best Multiplayer Racing Games For Android

If you are searching for some type of racing multiplayer game, then the Crash Drive 3 game is the most suitable game for you.

Crash Drive 3 is an open-world sandbox online multiplayer car racing game. It is the latest game that has come out on android devices recently but it has become very popular.

In this game, You need to race against other players and win. You can have different types of vehicles, powers, and abilities. More than 4 different maps. You can explore, race and battle. You can found different types of mods and events. So, you will never be bored of playing it.

Graphics are Pretty good, Controls and Camera moments are not so good for me, fewer bots, 4.0 ratings, and 50k+ download. U would probably suggest you play Crash Drive 2 if you hated if bugs.

As you know, it is the latest game so it has many bugs that it would be better after 4 or 5 months. It might not work on potato androids but I hope potato android users can play Crash Drive 2 with 10millions+ downloads.

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Supercell Games

Best-Strategy-Online Multiplayer Games For Android 2021

If you're not the type of battling and controlling player, you want some type of puzzle strategy multiplayer games, Then these developer's games are for you.

Supercell games are online multiplayer strategy games that were very popular in old times and it is still played by millions of players. Supercell gives you the games like Clash of Clan, Brawl Star, Clash Royale, and others.

In these types of games like Coc, you need to make your own base, attack others with your troops, buy and upgrade your new characters, join the guild, and many other things. 

Just like Coc, In clash royale, you need to unlock new characters, fight other players and do many other things you can do.

The graphics are nice, controls are decent, with very good ratings, over 500M+ downloads, and works on low-end devices.

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Crafting Online Multiplayer Games For Android

Minecraft is an offline and online multiplayer survival-building game available on android. Minecraft is the most popular game on pc as well as android. It is also known as the best premium game on android. You can download it for free if you search Minecraft apk on google.

Minecraft is most likely an offline survival game where you can build anything. Minecraft has got an infinite world with different types of biomes. 

The main objective of Minecraft is to beat it by killing Ender Dragon. However, You can play multiplayer or play with your friends by joining or creating the server. But you must need a Microsoft account.

Graphics are good, controls are good but it's hard as it is Pc game, popular and premium on android, very good ratings, 10M+ download, works ob potato device but lags.

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Horror Field: Multiplayer

Best Online Horror Multiplayer Games For Android.

Well, if you're not the type of battling and strategy, then this game is the best game for you.

Horror Field: Multiplayer is the best online multiplayer horror game for android. It is also popular when it comes to playing horror games with your friends or other global players.

In this game, you can play multiplayer with your friends or globally. In gameplay, there is one psycho and the others are humans. The main objective of physco is to find all 4 humans and capture them whereas the main objective of humans is to repair all the things or do tasks to win. 

But it is more fun and dangerous than it looks. You can upgrade your character, unlock new characters, and do many other things.

Graphics and controls are better, good rating of 4.3 with overall more than 10M+ downloads, and may don't work in low end- devices.

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Tom and Jerry: Chase

Best Running Online Multiplayer Games For Android.

As the most popular cartoon, no one in the world is there who hasn't seen this show. So with inspiring, The popular Netease game has made the game of Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry: Chase is an online multiplayer running type of game. It is a very popular game when it comes to playing with your friends.

In this game, There is 1 Cat and 4 mice. The main objective of Tom is to capture all 4 mice. And the main objective of mice is to survive from cats in a limited time. 

Each character has got its own special ability. However, this game is not available for some country so you need to download apk from google and might be necessary to use VpnGraphics and the controls are amazing, 4.3 ratings with 5M+ download and may work on low-end devices.

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Stumble guys

Best Online Pc Multiplayer Games For Android.

Stumble guys is an online multiplayer running game and it is popular nowadays. It is also known as the copy version of fall guys available on android. It is similar to the fall guys. You can also play multiplayer with your friends.

In this game, there are different maps with a total of 35 players. On the map, there are different kinds of obstacles from which you need to defend yourself and qualify the round as fast as possible. But it's not easy. 

There is a total of 3 rounds: round 1 which qualifies 16 players, round 2 which qualifies 8 players, and round 3 which will qualify the winner.

Graphics are very good and controls are not so necessary, good rating of 4.3 with 5M+ downloads, works on low-end devices.

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All these games are the latest games where all developers work for new updates. I hope you like all online multiplayer games for android. Please don't forget to follow our blogs.


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