How to Download Latest Among us 2021.16.15

Among us recently updated a game and now the latest version is 2021.16.15. So today I will show you how you can download among us the latest version for pc.

You can easily download this new updated among us 2021.16.15 for pc easily following our step.

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Actually, I am also a developer and I don't want to pirate any games. So I recommend you to buy the official game from steam or epic games.

download among us 2021.16.15

Error You Faced While Using Cracked Version

When you use this cracked version, you may faced this error below.


Something went wrong with signing into your account. Please try again later (Error FailedEpicAuthToken) 

Error FailedEpicAuthToken in Among Us

Video Tutorial

Steps to Download Among Us 2021.16.15

Step 1: Join Our Discord 

First, join our discord server. Discord Server link in the description.

Link: {getButton} $text={Join Our Server} $icon={link} $color={royalblue}

join sgdum server

Step 2: Accept Rules on Discord

If you just join the discord server and don't get the zip file link the first check if you accept rules or not. After accepting rules only you can see the download link.

accept rules in sgdum discord

Step 3:Download Among Us

Yes, you need to download that among us zip files.

download latest among us

Step 4: Download My PlayerPrefs File

Now download my playerprefs file from the link below.

Link: {getButton} $text={Download File} $icon={download} $color={royalblue}

change random name in among us

Step 5: Replace playerprefs file

Simply Press Window +R and Type "AppData" then press ok. Then move to folder "LocalLow"  then "Innersloth" and to the "Among us" folder. 

Alternatively, go to "Local C:" then "Users" then "your pc username" and then  "Appdata" then "LocalLow"  then "Innersloth" and to "Among us" folder. 

Note: If you can't find the "AppData" folder then unhide the folder from the view tab.

how to change your random name in among us

Then paste that file into that folder. Remember you need to replace it.

download latest among us free in pc

Step 6: Change Name

Now open that file and change your name. There is "SGDUM" in that file you need to replace it with your name. I forget to make photo sorry :( .

Step 7:Make it Read Only

Now right click on playerprefs and then make it read only. 

latest among us free pc

Step 8: Run Game

Finally, run the game you find that your name is changed and you can type.

unlock free chat in among us

Enjoy the game.

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I had both among us on steam and epic games but if you could please buy the official because buying official will increase the motivation of the developer. That we can see many future updates from developers.

Comment below if you have download among us 2021.16.15 and play with free chat unlocked and changing the name.


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