Among us Xbox One Release Date 2021

Many of us are wondering when will among us comes in Xbox. Life is interesting, isn't it? Well, you know playing the same game is not so fun. But playing a game on different devices is superb fun. For eg: You always play among us on a random server, but it's not fun. But playing the same among us game with your friends is always interesting. 

Among us had told us that among us will release soon Xbox and PS5. We will tell you the exact month and date of among us releasing in Xbox so you can play it on your new Xbox.

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You can see among us tweets. You can found out that they are making a new big update. Didn't you feel excitement while hearing that? Well, save it for later because today I will tell you the latest release date of among us in Xbox 2021 that your heart will burst when it comes out in the exact time. 

Today, we will share with you the latest release date of among us in Xbox and others information. So, let's hear about it.

What is the release date of among us in Xbox 2021 

Among us Ps5 and Xbox Release Date

August 31, 2021

The release date of among us Xbox one 2021 has not been officially confirmed yet but it's popular that the among us will come in August 31,2021 in Xbox One and other consoles like Ps5 and Ps4. Though it is not said by among us developers on Twitter. However, the release date of the Xbox is tweeted by other users.

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Now, that you know the release date I want you to know some important things. First, it is not officially confirmed by among us. Second, it is said to release among us on other consoles like Ps4 and Ps5 on Agus 31 but it's only 75% sure. Though there is no confirmation and prediction of the release date of Xbox in among us.

Any news related to the release date of among us in Xbox, Ps4 and Ps5?

Among Us Xbox One Release Date 2021

Currently, among us hasn't released any other information relating to the release date of among us but they had said that they are doing a ton of works on a big update and my instincts tell that they are working to the publishment of among us in Xbox and other consoles as well as a new map and other things.


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This post is about the release date of among us in Xbox and on other consoles. I wrote it by viewing people's opinions and some developers twitter

Hope you gain some information that will help you in the future. If you like, then please follow our blogs for more news!


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