How To Download Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta (BGMI) APK + OBB

Finally, the Beta version of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is out and early access is given too. But there are limited seats that only a few players could play Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta. So I will provide you Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta or bgmi beta apk and obb file.

The download link of Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta or BGMI Beta apk and obb file is below. But first, remember to pre register Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

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BGMI youtube, Facebook, Twitter shared this news, and the official link to join Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta (BGMI) is given below.

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Download Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta BGMI APK OBB

Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta Error Playstore

When you try to get Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta on the play store you will get two types of error and they are:

Error Battleground Mobile India Beta

"Internal Server Error, Error 500"


"Thanks for your interest in becoming a tester for the BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA app.

However, at this time, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA app's testing program has reached the maximum number of testers that can participate in it and isn't accepting any more testers."

Thus, due to this, you can't download Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta on android.

Download  Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta or BGMI  APK + OBB 

Here are the steps to download Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta apk and obb file and installation process of Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta (BGMI) APK + OBB.

Step 1: Download  Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta (BGMI) APK + OBB 

At first download the apk and obb file of  Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta, which link is given below.

Step 2: Install Apk 

Now you have apk file of 70MB. You need to install that apk file.

Step 3: Extract Obb File

Now another Obb File is about 690MB, you need to extract it using zarchiver.

Step 4: Place Obb File

Now place that obb file in Android>Obb. Simply cut that obb folder and paste it to the Obb folder inside of the Android folder.

Step 5: Open Game

Finally, the game is ready to play. Open the  Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta game and enjoy the game.


By the given steps we provided, you can download Battlegrounds Mobile India Beta (BGMI) Apk+Obb easier, faster, safer, and legal.


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