Why can't I type in among us 2021?

After the airship update, many among us players can't type in among us chat or can't text in the message section. There are many reasons that you can't type in among us chat

On March 31
, Among us the airship map was released. Unfortunately, people had found many bugs and problems. But among us developer had solved the problems. 

However, beginners can't solve many problems until now as the game doesn't give us a tutorial. One of the main problems is why can't we type in among us? Well, Today we are giving you the reasons and solution to this problem.

While playing games, beginners find that they are unable to chat in among us game. It's very hard when you know the imposter but can't chat directly and the imposter blamed you. 

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You have to use the Quick Chat button but it will be too late you will be voted out. Therefore, you have to solve this problem as fast and soon as possible. Today, we will give you the problem and solution why I can't chat in this among us game?

why i can't type in among us

Video Explanation

Why Can't I chat among us?

There is 3 reason for you can't type or chat in among us game. Therefore, we will give you the solutions and some links at the same time. You must have to read carefully and follow what I say. This trick will solve your problem for both pc and mobile.

1. Quick Chat

why can't i type in among us chat

Quick Chat is a common problem for all people who cannot type in among us. Quick Chat is the function that will be allowed you to chat using their options but you cannot type yourself. This function can be solved easily by using some steps.

If you wanna know the detail of a quick chat then,

The steps for turning off a quick chat function is:

Go to setting > Data > Choose Free chat or Quick chat and free chat

If you wanna know what is their function, then click that link below

Here are the steps in written detail which are quick to understand. This will help you to solve typing problems in among us game.

2. Sign in problem

The sign-in problem is the latest and popular problem. Many of us know the among us airship map has been released with many new updates. One of the main updates is sign-in

among us account system to use free chat

Sign in means that you need to sign in google account for playing among us game. As many beginners didn't know about sign-in and they used guest account

But while playing on the guest account the typing or chatting function will get disabled and you will be unable to chat on your own, Only quick chat is allowed in the guest account. Even you cannot choose your own name in the guest account.

For this why you can't type in among us is this sign-in problem. The solution to this problem is to sign in to or google account. For signing in google account some steps have to be taken.

I wanna tell you that I already cover that post like before one. So, I need you to click the below link to solve all sign-in problems you had faced. It will give you the methods or steps that you have to take with the easiest and fastest way.

3. Date of Birth or Age Problem

When you have first opened among us game. You will be asked the date of birth. If you can't type even signing in then this will be the last problem. 
among us can t use free chat

While writing the date of birth, you must have written the date below the 2001 year. If yes, then this is the problem for why I or you can't type in among us game

First of all, I wanna give you the reason that the person below the age of 18 can't type in among us game. That's the privacy and policy of among s game. And the date below 2001is all under 18 ages. So, you can't type in among us.

why can't i chat in among us

The main thing is how can we change the date of birth among us game as it will not ask the same thing before. Well, we have also the solution for that which is too easy for both mobile players and pc players.

I have already told that I had written of changing the date of birth for pc and mobile. So, make sure you click the below link to solve your problem. 

It will give you the easiest method of solving why you can't type in among us. Even you change your date, you have to turn off a quick chat.

So, while reading all three reasons, you must have known why can't you chat in among us. This will work surely because it has also mentioned some YouTube videos. 

All of the links will give you the reasons and problems for pc and android. Even you can't type in among our games, then you sure haven't updated your game or it will be the bug of your android. So, make sure that use another device to check it.


This post will give you the reason why I/You can't type in among us game after this new update. So, make sure you read it carefully and go to another link for solving your problem

If this method that I have given you worked then follow this blog for more posts and many problems solving ideas among us game and others.

Comment below if this article helps you to solve the problem why can't I type in among us chat. Also, if you have any trouble you can comment below.


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