PUBG Mobile India release date, name change, teaser leaked

After a big waiting from the previous year, the Pubg Mobile Indian has finally shown us some teasers.  People are waiting long since likely a half year. 

But there is the amazing thing is that the Pubg Mobile Indian Channel has just added something new that informs Pubg Mobile Indian version is coming soon. Today, we are sharing with you the best and exact battleground mobile India release date.

On May 1, Pubg mobile India officially uploaded 3 new teaser videos. After a few minutes, they deleted it. Therefore, it is proof that Pubg mobile India is coming soon

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Some of the viewers watch the Pubg Mobile India trailer although it was accidentally leaked for a few minutes. They also said that It is going to be released soon. Let's get on to the topic of the release date of the Pubg mobile India.

pubg mobile india game release date

Pubg/ Battleground mobile India Release Date

 May End to June End

battleground mobile india release date

Players Unkown's Battleground (PUBG) Mobile India released date is likely to be on  May End or June End. According to my opinion, the game will surely release in any feasts or festivals of India. Because people like me guess the release date, Pubg Mobile India will surely add the exact release date on Twitter before 7 days.

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But in my view, the Pubg Mobile India will not be released soon. Even the pubg mobile India game is finished, there will be so many bugs and lags they have to fix on. 

Finally, didn't they need to take breaks, they are humans, not robots. So, according to the calculation, it will be sure this May or June. If the lockdown increases, they would have more time to work with a deep focus.

Pubg mobile India Trailer Leak

pubg mobile india launch date

As I have already said, The pubg mobile India official youtube channel mistakenly released the trailer of a total of 3 videos. Unfortunately, it was deleted in few minutes and I couldn't watch it.

But with that trailer, pubg mobile India is going popular on India trending. Some people said that with the help of a trailer, they think that the official Pubg Mobile India is releasing this May

I Hope, this will become true because it gives some advantage. Like all the people in India will start to play Pubg mobile India for time passing. By this, they will not get out of the house.

Pubg Mobile Name Change Leaked!!

battleground mobile india

To make Pubg Mobile India more unique than the original one, they give us the teaser that the name will also change. The real name of Pubg Mobile India is going to be BattleGround Mobile India

As some people have leaked the original name. Coming to this, they have moved real Pubg accounts to the original Indian account so the Uc and the money they paid will not be wasteful, Also I think that the character, Skins, pets, places, and many others things will be changed in this new Battleground Era.

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I hope you liked the information about the pubg mobile Indian. The given post gives the new name battleground mobile, new skins, trailer leak, and release date. Please follow our blogs if you think it's helpful.


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