How To Pre Register Battlegrounds Mobile India | Play Store Link

The pre-registration of battlegrounds mobile India has finally live in Playstore. Now be ready to Pre-Register and get exclusive rewards.

After the announcement of battlegrounds mobile India, we heard that the "KRAFTON" had supported to development of this game which I think is completed. 

Also, 4 heroes have to make a new trailer of battlegrounds mobile India. Indian 3 popular PUBGM gamers and 1 hero is included in the video. Now, It's finally time to release the game.

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Before that, you must learn how to pre-register in battlegrounds mobile India. So, today we are here to share with you how to pre-register in the no 1 game battlegrounds mobile India.

How To Pre Register Battlegrounds Mobile India

Video Tutorial

How to Pre-Register Battlegrounds mobile India?

To Pre-Register and get exclusive rewards in Battlegrounds mobile India, you must be Indian. Even you are Indian, but you are in a foreign country for example Bangladesh, you cannot Pre-Register. Now, finally moving towards our main content. 

There are 2 ways for you to Pre-Register Battlegrounds Mobile India in your device.

1. Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre Registration Link

You can directly go to the battlegrounds mobile India with the help of the Playstore link.

Here are the steps for pre-registering battlegrounds mobile India:

Step 1: Click the below link

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Step 2: Then Hit the Pre-Register Button

battlegrounds mobile india play store link

You can also go to Twitter and search battlegrounds mobile India so that you can go to the play store and register as well as read the latest news.

2. Searching Method To Pre Register Battlegrounds Mobile India

In the searching method, you don't have to click the play store link directly. You can search and get the Battlegrounds Mobile India. Here are the steps to register battlegrounds mobile India now:

Step 1: Open Your Playstore.

Step 2: Search "Battlegrounds Mobile India".

battlegrounds mobile india pre registration link

Step 3: Click the one which has pre-register one.

Step 4: Hit the Pre-register button and wait for the game to release.

battlegrounds mobile india play store link

Note: Cannot Get Pre-Register button? You must live in India to Pre-register and play this game otherwise you will not get Pre-Register button. 

Another reason is you must need recommended System Requirements to Pre-Register otherwise it will say your device is not compatible with this version.

Also Read: Battlegrounds Mobile India System Requirements {alertInfo}

Pre Registration Treasure Battlegrounds Mobile India 

What's New in Battlegrounds Mobile India?

According to the trailer, the one who has pre-register battlegrounds mobile India today will get the new skin and new mask which was in the play store. As well as you will get 300 ag which is the new currency of battlegrounds mobile India. there was also the Card thing.

In the Picture, it is confirmed that there is a new moto glider vehicle but the map will be the same for example Erangel. Therefore, It is proved that battlegrounds mobile India is similar to Pubg mobile but different Lifestyle.


Today May 18 is the big day for Indian Gaming Community. One of the biggest games makes an entry in India. By following these steps you can easily pre register Battlegrounds Mobile India

Comment below how much you are excited for the Battlegrounds Mobile India. 


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