How To Pre-Register Battlegrounds Mobile India

The pre-registration of battlegrounds mobile India has finally come in Playstore. The no 1 trending game of India is going to battlegrounds mobile India. 

After the announcement of battlegrounds mobile India, we heard that the "KRAFTON" that helps develop PUBGM is now supporting India to make battlegrounds mobile India. The development of the battlegrounds mobile India has been surely more than half completed

Before that, you must learn how to pre-register in battlegrounds mobile India. So, today we are here to share with you how to pre-register in the no 1 game battlegrounds mobile India.

How To Pre-Register Battlegrounds Mobile India

Now before going directly to playing the game. I was sure that the pre-registration will be held in mid-May or end of the June. So, you can register the battlegrounds mobile India at that time

But we are here to give some tips to pre-register on battlegrounds mobile India. Some of the people can't know how to pre-register when the time comes for registering in battlegrounds mobile India. That's why we are here to tell you all about pre-register for battlegrounds mobile India.

How to pre-register the game battlegrounds mobile India in the play store?

As I already said that the official battlegrounds mobile India will come out in mid-May or June start. Unfortunately, You cannot register until the official developer starts to give permission for pre-registering the battlegrounds mobile India in the play store.

Official Method To Pre Register Battlegrounds Mobile India

Even so, there are some steps you have to take care of. 
The method to pre-register battlegrounds mobile India are:

Step 1: Open Play store

Step 2: Click on the search bar.

Step 3: Type "battlegrounds mobile India" and search.

Step 4: Click on the ones which have named "battlegrounds mobile India" and Make sure that that one is not fake

Step 5: You will ee pre-register button. Click it

Step 6: Wait for some time. When you see that button called "Registered" Then it is finished. Now, wait for some time until the same is release out.

The steps are very simple and can also be done by the kids. In a shortcut way, you just have to click the pre-register button to register and wait for the game until it will get registered and released

Alternative Method To Pre Register Battlegrounds Mobile India

However, there is one common problem you may face. The problem is that you cannot find out the game in the play store. Well, it's not a huge problem so you can register the game even the play store is not showing the battlegrounds mobile India

The steps to pre-register battlegrounds mobile India in a different way is to follow my steps given below:

Step 1: Open Chrome or any type of browser you have

Step 2: Search play store

Step 3:Now click the play-store. Some of the users may face the problems of talking directly to the play store on your device. But the solution to this problem is to hold the link and open the link in the new tab. Doing that play store will open in a new tab of your browser. 

Step 4: Now, search the "battlegrounds mobile India"

Step 5: You will now see the official battlegrounds mobile India game.

Step 6: Now, Click on the Pre-Register button and wait until it gets registered. However, you might face the problem that you will not get registered.

Step 7: If some kind of problem happens, then please click the button "Open It in Play store". After that, you will see battlegrounds mobile India in your decide play store app.

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Second Method To Pre Register Battlegrounds Mobile India

Now, This is method 2. Before ending this content I want to give you a backup plan. I don't if it's working or not but I have heard that it still works on some of the users. 

There's one way to preregister battlegrounds mobile India before the pre-registration comes out to the real Play_store. If this trick works, then you can also register battlegrounds mobile India in IOS. The steps for doing this is:

Step 1: Open Chrome or any browser you have

Step2: Click on the Search button and type " Tap.Io"

Step3: Open The Website

Step 4: Search battlegrounds mobile India

Step 5: Click on the battlegrounds mobile India with the one that has the legendary logo that the official battlegrounds mobile India had mentioned.

Step 6: Now, You can see the register button for both android and ios.

Note: If you still don't know how to register on this website then you can use this

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However, I want to say it again that I don't know this method works or not. But this is the third method. If it still works by any chance then don't forget to comment on this blog.

We will update this post when officially pre-registration will open. So subscribe to our blog to get the latest updates.


I really hope that you found to Pre-Register battlegrounds mobile India with the full solution. I gave you the 2 methods which I can make sure that the first method is 100% working whereas the second one is 60% working. 

This post was only for you to give information to Pre-Register of battlegrounds mobile India and it doesn't belong to any illegal activity. Please follow our blog if you find something helpful.


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