Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registrations Date 18 May

Be ready to Pre-registered in Battlegrounds mobile India. After waiting for a long time, battlegrounds mobile India has finally announced the pre-registration date

Therefore, it is proved that battleground mobile is going to be released in June 2021. Krafton's south Korean developer has announced the Battlegrounds Mobile India pre-registration date on May 14th, 2021. So, there there are 4 days left to get the pre-registration button.

I have also heard and extra exciting news for Indian players who hit the register button. Therefore, there are strict rules and regulations made by Krafton for Indian players are also managed. 

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Battlegrounds mobile India is now going to be the no1 game after the ban of Official Pubg mobile as belonging to the Chinese app. Now, this age will in no1 which will go against the free-fire, FAU-G, and others.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registrations Date

Battlegrounds Mobile India Will Go Live

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What is the Pre-registration Date of battlegrounds mobile India?

18 May 2021 

The pre-registration date of battlegrounds mobile is 18th May 2021 announced by the official Krafton's South Korean developer. It is also mentioned on the official battlegrounds mobile India website. Make sure you go and read the news. Now, be ready to pre-register in battleground mobile India.

On 18th may, 2021 the pre-register will go live on Google Playstore. You will have to go to the play store, search battlegrounds mobile India, and hit the pre-register button with the pride of being an Indian. 

However, it is not mentioned when it will going to be released. I think the battlegrounds mobile India will be released in June but don't know the exact time. It is also not mentioned the pre-register date in Ios by the official company.

On the official website, it is said: "specific rewards available for fans to claim, only if they pre-register the game." However, that special reward would be only available for the Indian Players only who hit the pre-register button. 

We can expect it to include a welcome kit, which would include some in-app skins, weapons, character avatars, etc. I am filled with joy and excitement about what would be the rewards that we will get. Comment down below if you're also filled with joy and excitement for the battlegrounds mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Age restrictions, spending limits, and what else is confirmed

The most amazing developer I have ever seen is Krafton company. It is seen that they are trying to avoid the addiction as well as some address issues. 

In this new generation, youngsters and teenagers are very well addicted to the game. When it comes to Pubg, it once had shaken the world into full of joy and addiction. 

It is mentioned that there will be a new privacy policy for people under 18. They will need to give phone numbers which are belonged to their parents or guardian for pre-registration. But I am not sure how will they verify the age in the google play store. 

Krafton developer also said that there will be a particular time limit for the age of under 18. They can only access the maximum time limit of three hours every day. 

I like the way developers are caring for India's future and time. In past, teenagers are spending thousands and lakhs of rupees on pubg mobile game. So making it in a limit in battlegrounds mobile India, it is announced that under 18 can only spend a maximum of 7,000 rupees per day concerning app-in purchases.

Battlegrounds Mobile India New map leaked

Battlegrounds Mobile India game is still unknown about whether it is going to be similar to PUBGM or different. However, Krafton posted a new Sanhok map on the official Facebook page. 

The picture on Facebook shows us the Ban Tai map location from the Sanhok map, one of the 4*4 maps available in the game. Based on the original Pubg Mobile, I think the game may be similar in design to the official PUBGM with some different functions for India.

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Finally, the excitement is over that Battlegrounds Mobile India Pre-Registrations are opening from May 18, 2021. Follow our blog for more latest news and updates of Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Also, don't forget to comment below on how much you are excited for Battlegrounds Mobile India.


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