Battleground Mobile India Release Date, Official Website

Pubg Mobile India officially changed to the Battleground Mobile India. On May 6, 2021, Battleground Mobile India officially announced the game and the Battleground Mobile India game is coming soon

As Battleground Mobile India website is also officially launched as well as Battleground Mobile India youtube channel is also officially released with the Battleground Mobile India Twitter account.

Now the Battleground Mobile India is going to release soon. Many of us are waiting for the Battleground Mobile India release date. But Battleground Mobile India only says the game is coming soon. So we can predict that the game will be launched soon.

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After seeing the Battleground Mobile India official website, Twitter, youtube channel it is confirmed that the game is going to be released. And according to my prediction, the game will be coming in may the end or June beginning

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Battleground Mobile India Release Date

Battleground Mobile India Release Date

Last time pubg mobile was banned due to the piracy issue but this time all issues are fixed. So I this all issue from the government was also solved. And the game is ready to launch soon.

According to the Battleground Mobile India official website, the game is developed by a South Korean video game developer. And this game is only for India. 

KRAFTON company announced the Battleground Mobile India is coming soon. In this Battleground Mobile India, there is its own esports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues

Also, the important news is that there will have a period of pre-registration before the launch. So follow our blog for Battleground Mobile India pre-registration link.

Battleground Mobile India Official Website

The official website of Battleground Mobile India is . You can copy-paste it.

Battleground Mobile India Trailer

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Finally, it is confirmed that the Battleground Mobile India game is coming to India soon. And the release date of the Battleground Mobile India game will be announced soon as the game is ready. 

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