Among Us New Update for android, Twitch and Discord

We always wanted the new update in among us game which is surprising and easy. Don't you want a new update in among us game? Well, I also like to hear new updates among us. 

So, I always check out whether my among us is updated or not in both among us on pc and mobile. Similarly, when I found any news among us, then I published it on a blogger to share with you. 

So, Today on March 13, I have heard that among us new update version 2021.5.10a has come. so, I am here to tell you a new among us update. well, I will tell you all the news that among us has told on Twitter.

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Among us, the developer didn't tell you so much about new updates. So, you have to know the new updates by yourself. The easy way is to follow the among us on Twitter

But they only tell you new updates but they will don't give you so much information. So, by thinking that I will share with you all the information about this new information including twitch, discord, and some bugs. So, let's see the new updates.

among us new update for android

What's new in this among us update 2021.5.10a? 

The among us new latest update (Version 2021.5.10) is for android users focused on mobile updates and bug fixes. Before going on, you can close it if you're on a different platform. I don't know you can read anyway I didn't control your heart.

In this new among us update version 2021.10.5. a developer has added a new function only for android as it is already added on pc. But the main thing is this is a good function for android gamers. So, let's see what's the function of this Among Us new update?

Twitch Mobile Streaming Interrogation

This is the new feature available in among us version (2021.5.10). The function of Twitch Mobile Streaming Interrogation is to allow you to get live and stream Among Us on Twitch directly from your android and ios. 

twitch and discord update in among us

For using this function use the following steps:

Step 1: Update among us on your android

Step 2: Open Among Us

Step 3: Go on setting and click on data

Step 4: Click on the Icon below from discord Icon

Step 5: Login or Sign Up

Step 6: Install the Twitch app on your phone. Finally, go in among us settings, data and you will get a function to start streaming on Twitch. So, you have to click that function and then you will be able to get live by streaming on twitch. Let's see the next function.

Discord Integration

among us twitch mobile update

Another and last update of among us game is the discord Integration for android. The function of discord integration is it will allow you to link your Discord account directly on your android and finally, you can share a room code. 

Then, you can invite by pressing the Discord button next to private/public in the room lobby.

The most amazing thing is that Mobile users, as well as Pc users, can easily join the room you shared by opening the Discord. 

Also using the Pc, you can send an invite in via Discord and mobile users and directly join the invitation you shared. Isn't it interesting? For allowing the discord integration in android you need to follow these steps: 

Step 1: Open among us game.
Step 2: Then go to settings and click on the data.
Step 3: You will see the discord data, click it.
Step 4: Then allow the among us to authorize in discord.
Step 5: Play the game or host the lobby.
Step 6: Click the discord icon on the left side in the public/private button.
Step 7: Type in discord for people to join.
Step 8: Then people will get the join button in discord to play among us.
Step 9: Hoyaah! Now, friends can talk to you as well as join among us directly.

Important Note: Either for Twitch streaming or for Discord Integration, you must install both apps to use this function. 

Think yourself, how can you get live without having twitch installed on your mobile. Another thing is you need to login into both apps for work. 

Again think to yourself that how can you get live on twitch without logged in to an account. Just like that how can you invite your friends without having an account.

Bugged fixes

among us discord in mobile

Here is the list of bug which has been fixed on mobile in this new update.

  • The sprites of crewmates which have been appearing for a long time were pink polygons on your android devices has fixed. If there is still a problem, then email the inner sloth
  • Region text will be no longer continue you to  show North America on the home screen of your device
  • The skins you have purchased of airship bundle not coming on your screen has fixed
  • If you are IOS users, then you will no longer need to sign in every time when you will open the game


This is all about the new updates of among us. This update is mainly focused on mobile or smartphone users. You can update among us and enjoy these cool features in among us.

Follow our blog for the latest updates and news about among us. Comment below if you have any problems and any quires.


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