When is among us coming to PS4 And PS5 Release Date

Feeling happy to hear that we download among us on ps4, ps5, and Xbox with extra new facilities skins, and pets. Now, before I say that everyone's mind is surely going on when the among us game will be released on ps4 and consoles

So today we are here to share with you the release date on ps4, ps5 as well as new updates and risks. Among us Ps5 release date and how it will feel when using the controller. Here, I am here to share my experience.

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The among us funny developer has finally decided to publish with the PS4 and Ps5 consoles. Now, be ready to play with the most exclusive legendary skin and pet Ratchet & Clank skin, hat, and pet

when is among us coming to PS4

Well, the most important thing is when this among us is coming to our ps4 and ps5 consoles. Therefore, there is also a way to play it now but we will make it later. So Follow our blogs.

When is among us coming to PS4 and PS5 consoles?

Many people are thinking that the among us will soon release of ps5 and ps4 but it is wrong. It will sure take 2 or 3 months. I have described it below!!:)

End of this year 2021

According to my own opinion and people's opinion, the ps5 and ps4 release date of among us is surely at end of 2021, November 30 or December 31. Because the airship map was also released late. 

It is nothing new but in Ps5 they have to give a different sound vibe in the controller. They have to fix bugs, make it cross-platform and make it play on a different map with different tasks.

I would like to say that it will take more time as far as possible. They have to make ps4 and ps5 controllers do tasks with the buttons in a way. 

Also with the release of the airship map, the bugs and work will be going to be doubled, and hard to take time as 100 tasks are in line for how to complete it with the extra new skins and pets.

Pet and Skin

among us release date in PS4 PS5 consoles

According to the developer, I found out that there are skins and pets only available on PS4 and PS5. The new skin has the name called Ratchet and Clank. 

This skin almost looks like a crew becoming a rat. The skin has got us to show rat-type skin. There are other skins and hats but they are not revealed. 

The new pet is almost like a living small pet robot. A human-type robot which follows you and if you have to watch the movie 'real steel' then it's almost like that robot called an atom. Therefore, it going to be fun while playing with a new skin and a pet.

Experience in Ps5

Ps5 is the highest console of the ps series. It has the function of giving vibration on the controller according to the movement in the game. I hope this facility will be also added in among us. 

They may make the function where the sound of tasks, killing, moving and others should be experienced in the controller. Therefore, making this would make the among us game in Ps5 not so worth it. It would be amazing. 

The most amazing thing is that the new exclusive skin and pet would be added to ps4 and ps5 for the first time. 

Among us, Ps5 would be released soon as the very far date. I hope they make this game more amazing in Ps5. They just added new facilities that will be much more worth buying it by people or also as the sponsor of Ps5. The advertisement and profit would be amazing. 

Extra news: Information about the Xbox release date coming soon on this blog. So, follow up with us for more content. We will provide you a download link among us of PS4 and PS5 if it is necessary.


I hope you really like the information on the PS4 and PS5 release date with the exclusive skins and pet. The release date was given by me also you can suppose that this release date is not officially given by among us. Follow our blogs for free new skin and new pet!!!


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