How To Fix Among Us Error GoogleAuthNoToken Updated

Well, hats off for among us developers. They fixed the huge bug that makes many among us players mad. Especially, for among us android or mobile players. Yes, finally the Among Us Error GoogleAuthNoToken is fixed. Check out how you can use fix of error Google Auth No Token and create an account and also use free chat from now.

Among Us tweeted that "Authentication for Google Play/Android phones is now working, and will allow you to create accounts that allow for free chat, name change, etc. Update to version 2021.4.2!".

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Let's move towards the stepwise process of fixing the "Something went wrong with creating your account. Please try again later (Error GoogleAuthNoToken)" error. You just simply need to update your game but I will show you the stepwise process.

How To Fix Among Us Error GoogleAuthNoToken

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Among Us Official Tweet

Steps To Fix Among Us Error GoogleAuthNoToken

Whenever you try to create among us account in mobile, you get an error "Something went wrong with creating your account. Please try again later (Error GoogleAuthNoToken)", that was a bug. But today on March 3 among us fixed this bug.

This bug mainly makes Google difficult in authenticating the account's existence. Which doesn't let's among us user to create an account on among us.

Thus, I will show you how you also can use this fix and then create an account and get rid of quick chat.

Step 1: Update Among Us

At first, we need to update the among us game. For this go to playstore, then search "among us" then click on "update" to update among us game to the latest version.

update among us
Open Playstore

update among us for airship map
Update Among Us

Step 2: Open Among Us 

Now, open the among us game. Now your problem is 100% solved. You even can use the free chat.

Step 3: Create Account

Now click on account, then click on "sign in". Now, the game asked to create an account. Then game authenticates your user name to google play games. And finally, you get authenticated. Now your account is created.

how to fix among us account error mobile
Sign In Account

how to fix among us account error
Create Account

fix among us error googleauthnotoken
Created Account

change name in among us mobile
Change Account Name

account name change in among us mobile
Type Your Name & Confirm

Go to the settings then to the "Data" and make chat type to "Free or Quick Chat". Now play the game, you can enjoy airship map with free chat.

fixed can't chat in among us mobile

Done. Enjoy game.

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Advantage Of Among Us Account

  • You can use the same account to multiple platforms.
  • You can change the name directly from the account tab.
  • You can use free chat also.

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Final Words

Here in the morning among us tweeted about this among us error GoogleAuthNoToken fixed. I share it as soon as possible. I hope this will help you to fix among us GoogleAuthNoToken error and enjoy airship with free chat

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