How To Fix All Among Us Sign In Error

Although Among Us has released the new update many of us are getting problems with this. Yes, the problem is based on while signing after updating on the new updates provided yesterday. So, find out how you can fix all sign in error in among us airship update.

In this Airship Update, a majority of the users and players got into trouble while signing. In fact, the real reason that we got on this is due to the heavy traffic on it. Yes, the main reason behind it is due to the potential traffic on its server.

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Besides this, we have also got the number of users is trying to get and enjoy with among us within the same time from different Geo.  If you are trying to sign in among us right now then definitely you are facing a problem with this new airship update.

how to fix all among us sign in error

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How to Fix Sign In Error in Among Us Airship Update

There are many errors in among us after airship errors in both pc and android. Let's describe it one by one.

Error GoogleAuthNoToken

fix error GoogleAuthNoToken among us

Basically, this GoogleAuthNoToken error arrives when you try to sign in among us in android or mobile. The whole error looks like the one below.

‘Something went wrong with creating your account. Please try again later (Error GoogleAuthNoToken)”, are you getting this message after the New Airship Update?

Fixed Updated: How To Fix Among Us Error GoogleAuthNoToken {alertInfo}

Problem: Error GoogleAuthNoToken 

While trying to sign in you will get the pop-up message of error. The message can be shown as “Something went wrong with creating your account. Please try again later (Error GoogleAuthNoToken)”.

Solving the problem is quite tricky. Before trying on it, you must have some ideas about it. After getting this short idea it is certain that you are going to solve this issue easily.

The players who are from the Smartphones based on the Android OS are still facing this problem. Still, the accounts are currently not working. The problem regarding this is still pending.

Among Us officially, accepted this bug and also said they are working on this bug. So we only can wait, there isn't any way to use the free chat.

Regarding this, we have got some ideas that may be beneficial for accessing the game. For that, you must use the guest account that may assist you in getting the service.

Although the Guest accounts are the option on it, we miss the many other additional features like Free Chat. Here the most popular and effective features, Quick Chat can be locked while using via the guest account.

How to Fix Error GoogleAuthNoToken

At first, you have to keep on trying to sign in a few times.

At the second you will be redirected to the Guest Account. You can create the guest account and go for it. Now you can join the lobby easily.

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Error Guest account is okay !

fix guest account is okay among us

"The Among Us servers could not authenticate you. You must have an Among Us account to play online. (Guest account is okay!)", this is a second error you may be faced on both pc and mobile.

Problem of Guest account is okay!

When joining the lobby you are going to face this problem. This problem is basically due to the heavy traffic on the server.

Fix Guest account is okay!

Keep on re-starting the System. Additionally, changing the continent and country also be the best idea for getting access to the new update for your game.

In my case, I just changed the region and this problem is fixed easily.

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Error NullContinuanceToken

fix error nullcontinuancetoken among us

"Failed! Something went wrong with signing into your account. Please try again later (Error NullContinuanceToken)",this error comes on pc.

Problem Of Error NullContinuanceToken

If you are getting sign in problem after among us airship updates then you must have to follow the same steps. The sing-in problem on PC may be different as compared to the Mobile phone.

This problem comes when you use an unofficial version of among us or you download among us pc file and start playing. Those who bought among us on steam aren't facing this problem.

If you are on Windows OS then definitely you are able to access and fix the problem related to how to fix sign in error in among us airship update. Before a few hours ago the problem used to emerge. Now, we are free from this problem on Windows PC.

At the recent time of this update, the Microsoft Store Version can’t work and the players may not able to access the game who haven’t own the Steam Store.

The players must have to own the Steam Engine while getting with this service. This problem was seen while launching the game. Finally, the problem regarding the Windows PC was solved.

How to Fix Error NullContinuanceToken

The direct solution is to buy the among us from steam. And you can create the account in among us airship update.

Fixed Update: Among Us Error Null Continuance Token {alertInfo}

Error MismatchedProductUserlDs

fix infinite loading screen problem among us

"Something went wrong with signing into your account. Please try again later (Error MismatchedProductUserlDs)", this error caused if you use multiple accounts on the same pc or same steam engine.

Problem Error MismatchedProductUserlDs

At first, make sure you are not trying to log into multiple accounts on your platform (Steam/Google Play/Epic/etc.) - right now the game only supports connecting one account to the game. This also could happen if you are logged into the same account on multiple devices.

Fix Infinite loading screen problem

Reinstalling the game or restarting the among us game will simply fix this error easily.

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Among Us Official Report

Among Us officially accepted this all error and also make sure they are going to fix it soon. So wait some days till then enjoy guest mode and enjoy airship map. 

Official Report: {getButton} $text={Visit Report} $icon={Link} $color={royalblue}

Note: Among Us tweeted recently that they are fixing and update coming soon.


From morning many people are asking for among us sign in error fixing. So what was your issue comment below. And I hope this will help you to get rid of all those among us errors after the airship update.


  1. im getting a xbox login error

  2. it's a bug.I will be fixed soon.

  3. you don't help me with NullContinuanceToken

  4. buy among us on steam or use emulator

  5. Is there any other way to fix the Null Continuance Token?

  6. The problems are on steam also. I can not log in on steam with a paid version of the game

  7. What erreor you are facing on steam

  8. I uninstalled and reinstalled and still get the mismatch error. I deleted the app of all my other platforms and still can’t log in.

  9. when im going connetc xboxlive im cant among us cant sing in xbox live pls help

  10. It is a bug. will be fixed soon live error

  11. I reset my phone, before reset I played Among Us with my account! Now after reset the Mismatched productID error coming.. the game may have thought I am using multiple devices to play with.. now what do I do?

  12. Video coming soon for product mismatched productid

  13. Mine says platformnotsupported I am on pc is there anything I can do

  14. mine is "error platform not supported"

  15. When I start the game and go to account there is no sign in button and I cant play online.I got among us for free from epic games,please help

  16. I start the game and cant click on online then I go to account and there is no sign in button please help.I got among us for free from epic games

  17. I have a different error. It says ''Interface init error'', does anyone have a way to fix it?

  18. I have an error that says platform not suported when I try to make the account. I can play as a guest tho


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