How To Play Among us Airship map Early | Before March 31

Among us has now finally said airship map is going to be released in coming March 31. But there are many people who want to get you early access

I would lie to say first that you should have patience rather than playing early. I will share how you can play among us airship map early on pc and android.

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how to play among us airship map early

Among us is now still fixing some of the bugs. They might now be planning to release on March 31. But still, they need to work to get it published. So, before that time I will be sharing with you some tips to get early access to the airship before anyone gets it.

Video Tutorial

How to get airship map early in android?

There is a very simple and easy way to get airship map early but you can only get this map on 29 or 28 march. It's late but you can get faster than others. 

Let's move towards the steps to get the airship map early in android.

Step 1: Open And Search

Open play store and search for "Among Us". But don't install now.

among us beta apk

Step 2: Join Beta

Now scroll down and search for the "Join Beta". And join beta version.

Note: Joining may take some minutes. In my case about 2 minutes.

update among us to beta

Step 3: Done

Now before the public see the updated version of among us, you will inform and you can use among us beta on android before update came in public.

how to get among us beta for android

Now, you are a beta user that you can get access to the early airship map easily.

Note: Check among us update every time {alertWarning}

The process is very simple: Open play store, click among us, join the beta, and then boom. You are a beta tester.

But I might not be sure if it will work or not. Because sometimes it will not give you any updates.

There is also the process of getting it on a pc. But you already know that you can get an among us beta already on steam. so, I didn't have to tell you that one.

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Bitter Truth

Now, the most important thing. The one who gives you the airship map download link. Please I suggest you not download it because it may be a virus. There is only a developer who can access it. Or I can say you there is code that the only developers know which will let them play in an airship map. So, it is impossible to get an airship map early.

The steps I gave to you might work or not. Even I am not sure, that early airship access will come or not. But I can tell you that the process I will tell you is all related to privacy and google companies. This means that it is very safe, and not any problem to use. 

But the one that gives you the link is all clickbait. I also clickbait you because I want to tell you that there is no way of doing something like that. But the people who clickbait are harmful, time-wasters, and liars. I didn't do anything like that at all. This is all I wanted to tell you about playing airship map early before March 31.

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Hope you like the way I give you the steps of getting an airship map early on your pc and android as well as suggestions not to click any of the download links. 


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