How To Download And Install Among Us Beta In Android

Well among us released among us beta version which is an updated version of among us. Well if you want to know how to download and install among us on android or join among us beta on android then this article is for you.

Actually, the person who joins the beta program will only get the beta version. And who can join among us beta? Anyone can join among us beta.

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how to download install among us beta android

Let's get to the point that you need to follow some steps below to join among us beta program and get updated among us on your android.

Among Us Beta

The concept of among us beta apk is similar to the other apps or games on playstore. Whenever among us will going to release some of the updates for android they released them in the beta version first for testing purposes. So by getting among us beta you can have early access to the future updates of among us.

Can I get airship in among us beta?

Yes, by joining among us beta you can have early access to the among us airship map.

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Video Tutorial

coming soon

Steps To Get Among Us Beta On Android

Step 1: Open And Search

Open play store and search for "Among Us". But don't install now.

among us beta apk

Step 2: Join Beta

Now scroll down and search for the "Join Beta". And join beta version.

Note: Joining may take some minutes. In my case about 2 minutes.

update among us to beta

Step 3: Done

Now before the public see the updated version of among us, you will inform and you can use among us beta on android before update came in public.

how to get among us beta for android

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Here if you follow these steps. You will get the beta tester for among us. By this, you can get early access to among us new update easily.

If I will get among us beta apk then I will upload it to this site in the future. So keep visiting for further updates and this is how you can get among us beta for android.

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