How to change age in among us pc?

Among us has updated new simple features. This was a simple feature but it crosses the huge trend. People are now searching only for quick chats. Quick chat has many advantages and trends. 

But people are trying to add or turn off quick chat in among us. But some people have a mistake that they submit random birthdates below 13 age. So, You are surely worried about what to do now? So, Today we are representing how you can change age or date of birth in among us.

Among us march update 2021 includes quick chat which is awesome as well as great. As among us added the date of birth for age restriction, many of us submit the age lower than 13 years old. That we can use quick chat only which cause can't type, can't chat in among us. So to reset or change your age you need to reset your date of birth in among us

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how to change age in among us pc

I am pretty sure you think that we can't change the date of birth on pc without reinstalling it. But you are wrong, there is a very smart and easy way to change the date of birth in among us game in pc. You might be able to find it with the help of my post and video.

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Video Tutorial

Steps To Change your age in among us on pc?

It's time to show how you can change your date of birth or age in among us game on pc. Here are the following steps from you can change your date of birth in pc:

Step 1: Find AppData Folder

Simply Press Window +R and Type "AppData" then press ok.Then move to folder "LocalLow"  then "Innersloth" and to "Among us" folder. 

Alternatively, go to "Local C:" then "Users" then "your pc username" and then  "Appdata" then "LocalLow"  then "Innersloth" and to "Among us" folder. 

Note: If you can't find the "AppData" folder then unhide the folder from the view tab.

how to change your date of birth in among us

Step 2: Edit PlayerPrefs

Open among us folder and open "PlayerPrefs" files with notepad or anything.

appdate locallow innersloth among us playerprefs
Find File

change birthday in among us
Edit File

Step 3: Set Correct Date Of Birth

Replace your incorrect date of birth in the right area with the 13+ age date. Then save the file.

( It is in MM/DD/YYYY)

change date of birth in among us pc

Step 4: Changed Age In Among Us

Now open among us game. And click settings then data tab then in chat type you will see that your data of the quick chat will be now unlocked.

change chat type in among us

Enjoy this!

Note: You can also delete "PlayerPrefs" file in step no 3.Deleting PlayerPrefs file will reset your among us game. By this, you can submit your date of birth again.

In these steps, you have to open playerpref of among us files and then replace the date of birth to change your age in among us game.

By doing all these steps, now you have to go to settings of the home. Then click to data and you can see that now you can choose an option of quick chat only and free or quick chat.

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This is how you can reset your date of birth in among us and change your age in among us. By following these steps you can easily get rid of the quick chat only problems. Comment below if you have any problem while changing your age in among us in pc.


  1. I tried changing my birthdate in PlayerPref and it didn't work and nothing happened

  2. Check why:

  3. Fake! Does not work at all! Next time, do not lie to People.

  4. This works, don't listen to this person. Thanks for helping me!


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