Among Us New Update Quick chat, Airship Map, Bug fixes

Among Us official tweeted that they added a small new updated version for pc. Among Us tweeted they added quick chat and fixed many bugs in this update. Coming soon on android and Nintendo. Today, We are sharing with you the new updates and their uses.

By telling their secrets, I found extra news related to the airship map and their release date. I will also tell you about that last. First, Let's see about this small new update for pc. I will also tell you how to add these features to android also. So, keep reading.

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among us update quick chat

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What's new in among us update?

According to the among us tweet, we found these updates. They are in the following lists:

Quickchat In Among Us

among us quickchat

A quick chat is the main function of this update. Among us tweeter also tells us that this quick chat function helps you to chat without typing. It creates the options that you have to choose, then it will be automatically added to your chat. It has the advantage for both crewmates and Imposters as well as for low-end device users.

among us quick chat

The advantage are: 

When you are a crewmate seeing the imposter killing, then you can choose the option name "red sus" like that directly without typing. Then other crewmates will vote him off fast even he types. But the same goes for imposter also. When you are an imposter, kill one and another player watches you but you report them and say "blue sus" then they will vote him off. 

among us accusation

Another advantage is imposters as well as crewmates have function name accusation in quickchat. This means that you can accuse faster that crewmates can not sus you.

among us response

Another advantage is the option of response where you may get a chance to give a cool comment. Response options contain the most common words used in among us.That it is like emoji in word form.

Another is if you have a low-end device, then it's hard to chat. So, you will get ejected even if you see that person killing others because the typing is slow. But when you have a quick chat function, you can sus them directly and vote them off. But it has come on android if it gets approved.

The disadvantage is this can make large space in your android, this function can also make your android laggier. So, they are discussing to add to the game or not. Let's see when they tweeted new posts about updates.

Let's see what options added to quickchat :

  • Accusation
  • Crew
  • Systems
  • Location
  • Statements
  • Question
  • Response
  • Bug fixes

They also have to fix bugs of this function when it comes to pc. When I try to play it there are many problems. 


  • blank screen when creating a new room
  • players unable to find any lobbies in the public list
  • age-gate reduced to 13

But but but among us tweeted that these bugs are now finally fixed. They are very hard workers. They have to fix all the bugs immediately. Now, you can play all maps with the quickchat functions.


It will be useful to say that this quickchat supports more than English language.

Date of birth in among us

among us date of birth

The new among us update functions you to play only when you are above 13. So, they added to tell your date of birth when you open your game. If you make your date of birth below 13 years, then it will not allow you to play.

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When will be the airship map coming?

According to the tweets of among us and in my view, airship map will be coming in next two months. Because they have many works to do. Like they are now working on an airship but I think they are working on among us Xbox

They are surely working on among for Xbox as tweeted. They also have to add airship works on PC, Android, Tablet, IOS, Nintendo, and Xbox. So, they should be working on it. Also, they have to add this quickchat function on android and Nintendo as well as XBOX also for the future. Therefore, the airship map will be coming late. I hope will be added in this month.

How to download this new version on android?

If you want to download this newest version of among us on android before its release, then you can join the beta version of among us available in play store. If you don't know how to use the beta version, then 

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This post was all about news of among us updates related to PC, airship map, among us tweeted the news. I hope you enjoyed this news of among us update quickchat news and updates about airship map.


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