Among Us Airship Map Release Date Confirmed

Finally, waiting for a long time and finding the suspense of among us airship map release date is over. Innersloth or Among Us officially confirmed the release date of new airship map on March 19. Yes. among us new airship map is going to be released on March 31

As per the tweet, there are many new tasks, different starting rooms, preliminary account systems, and many more. I am so excited about the airship map and if you are too excited comment below.

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among us new airship map release date confirmed

Among Us Official Tweet About Airship Map Release Date

Among Us Airship Map Trailer

Among Us Airship Map Official Release Date

release date of among us airship map

On among us game trailers they just say the beginning of 2021. As per their promise march is just the third month. Today on March 19 among us or innersloth confirmed the release date of the new map "airship" in among us game.

You can even see that among us Twitter named as "Among Us
New map - MARCH 31". Only 12 days left on the release of new airship map in among us. Thus, March 31 is the among us airship map official release date.

Among Us Dev

among us airship map release date march 31

Among us also shared the devlog link in the tweet. Innersloth is the developer of the great and popular game among us. I had read a whole long article and get some information about the developer teams of among us.

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Innersloth As a Developer

  • They are just a team of 5 people.
  • They aren't hiring anyone because they said the bigger the group the more problem you will face which is also a satisfactory reason.
  • They are working on servers.
  • They are also trying to make the among us game bug free.
  • As among us the game is cross-platform they need to redesign the airship for all platforms.

You can find more details of innersloth or developer of among us experience while making the airship from the link below.

Airship Map Features

According to the official tweet, there are many features that are going to be added to March 31 update. I also describe some of among us new airship map features on the previous article. Go and find out what's new.

Although we break out many features on easter eggs among us airship map, among us officially tweeted some extra features that is coming on the airship map.

They are:
  • all new tasks
  • different starting rooms
  • preliminary account system
  • more!!!
Well, I will describe these features in coming blogs so subscribe to our newsletter.


1.When is new among us map coming out?
-The new among us map airship is coming out on March 31 as per among us tweet on March 19.

2.Is the airship map is released on among us?
-No. The airship map isn't released in among us yet but the release date is confirmed, that airship map will going to release on March 31.


Today I came with the news that airship release date is fixed or confirmed officially by among us and new airship map in among us will be going to release on March 31. Comment below how much you are excited to play the airship map in among us.


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