Fau-g Fauji Game TDM Mode Release Date | Updated

Finally, Fau-g is released and we can see that the story mode is only opened on the game. But don't worry fau-g fauji game tdm mode release date is fixed. Check out fau-g fauji game official tweet about fau-g fauji game TDM mode release date.

Today on April 21,ncore games twitted that faug fauji game tdm mode will be going to be released on 21 June 2021.

Tweeted officially by NCore Games that the team deathmatch will be coming soon from now. As well as many other features now are going to be added.

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The nCoreGames, Vishal Gondal as well as Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar tweeted that the TDM(Team Death Match) will be coming soon with the 5v5 squad.

FAU-G Game TDM Mode Release Date

Fau-g TDM Beta Release Date is June 21, 2021. 

FAU-G FAUG TDM Mode Treasure Or Trailer

Fau-g Game New Updates

I had listed some of the new updates of fau-g fauji game that are going to coming on the game. All the new updates below are my own prediction.

TDM | Team DeathMatch

From the tweet, we could know that the Team Deathmatch will be added in fau-g fauji game. I think 1 week later, this new mod will be unlocked. In the Teamdeath match, I think there will be a huge map than other games. 

They may do 50 matches to win or more than that. The weapons which are in Pubg mobile and freefire will be added as we have seen in the picture of this tweet. Maybe the map of survival will also come soon as the team deathmatch,tdm needs a full map. They also may add more buttons in the game as the new functions will be added.

New Weapons

As you, team deathmatch or tdm is cannot be played with melee weapons. So, it is proved that there are guns which I hope will be more realistic. 

As I already said, the weapons of these games may be copied from Pubg and Freefire. As we see in the tweeted pictures, players carrying m4a1, Mp5, and others. This describes that the gun will surely come.

I think like a drag in freefire and 4 fingers in pubg, there will be also some features to hit on the head. 

Like in pubg and freefire, they may add paid gun skins that help them in the game. Like this, they can earn some money. But we can't know all these things until we play. 

Multiplayer Mode & Play With friends

From the following tweet, you can now have a friend list, chat system, voice chat, and more. This means that fau-g fauji game's new update is a battle royal or multiplayer mode. When the team deathmatch comes, you can make a group of your friends and can play the team deathmatch. This will helps developers to gain more traffic in their game.

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5 vs 5 Squads

When you get sicked because you can't have another friend in your squad in pubg or freefire as there only 4 players maximum, there will be a conflict between your friends. 

But this sounds crazy and unique. The fau-g game offers you the  5 vs 5 mod. This means that you can have a total of 5 of the squad in 1 group. So, don't even try to do 5 vs 1 if developers allow you to do it. 

No one will easily defeat 5 people in a row. Now, you can have 5 v 5 means a total of 10 people in one team deathmatch. Like I said, so there are chances of making a huge map to play in team deathmatch and survival mod as well as there may be more than 100 players in one battle royale.


 As I already said once that there are different characters in fau-g fauji game. but they may add skills to the characters and pay them off. So, by this people have to pay money for the character skills. If you don't know character skills then listen to it. 

The skills which help you in playing team deathmatch and survival mod is known as character skills. There are already more than 3 people. The developers may add skills to them.

I hope, the game will be very better than the others. But don't expect too much because we don't get what we expected at old times. So, developers have to work hard to make this game compare to pubg, cod, and freefire.

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If you think the fau-g fauji game is bad then you aren't a true gamer. According to me, this is only the game tailor the whole movie is left. Small support can motivate the developer and creator. So support fau-g fauji game as it is one of the Indian battle royal games.

I would like to suggest bringing the final version without bugs to the developer. And as the release date of fau-g fauji game tdm mode beta is confirmed, I am again excited for fau-g game tdm beta.


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