When does airship map come out in among us?

After all patience, the airship map has been come out on mobile. The release date of among us is halfway fixed. According to the developer's easter egg in tweet and people's prediction, the airship map will come out soon. Here, all your doubts will clear related to among us 2021 airship map come out.

when does airship map come out in among us

Before, they said among us will come out on 2020, December 10 but they decided to release the trailer and take holiday. And today on January 5, 2021, developers are out from holiday and started to work out. All this information was told to us by developers. The one who tweet is quite funny and awesome that he even left a clue in reply. Here, we are discussing among us the airship map release date which they left in the hint.

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When does the airship map will come out on among us?

among us release date

 February 14th, 2021

After developers started to work from today on, they tweeted saying "back from holiday". In that time, developers reply the question: Give a date plz. The reply was candlelit dinner coming right up which is a hint that the airship map release date is  February14.

If you think up a little you might think that developers are thinking to release an airship map on valentine's day( February ). However, it can be 90% true because they also reply to the question: on Valentine's day? They reply: Nah just a joke which may help that they will not publish on Valentine's day. But also January end which is not a fully fixed date as it is not officially announced.

When is the airship coming to among us on mobile?

when is the airship coming to among us on mobile

February 15, 2021

I'm not sure but in my thought, the new airship map will be published on February 14 or after a few days. Because the new update always comes on pc first then after a few days it will come out on mobile. But if you join the beta, then you may get the chance to play in the airship on February 15.

Don't know how to join in the beta version of among us on mobile

Among Us Airship gameplay and some new facts

among us 2021

You may have seen the among us airship playing on the switch through a glitch. And the glitch was fixed by the developers. But the gameplay left a huge clue. First is, they have high chances of releasing it on February 14 as not on January 7 or 8. Because the airship gameplay shows that the map was already finished and all left is to fix many bugs and release it.

If you wanna again play airship map on the switch then

There are huge possibility developers will not release the airship map on January 7. Because if all know when it will release, then they have no huge surprise for players. If all know it will release on that date, then how do they get more followers and views in tweets and other social apps. There may be a kind of losing profit. They may release the airship map in a few days after publishing the fixed date officially on Twitter.

The airship map itself will be very huge than Polus and Mira HQ. The gameplay describes you may get very unique features in the real release. There may be a friend list and game modes of Villian, Security, Captain, Hide and Seek, and others in a new update. However, these all roles may get in the new update after airship release.

If you wanna create a strategy or wanted to see the airship map layout then

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These all for today. Among Us has been very busy from now on. They said a ton of emails come out relating to when will airship map come out. This may affect among us developers to release it soon. Developers said they will answer all those questions receive from email. We should be happy that they get time to enjoy Christmas as well as the new year and get some rest. Now, it's time for work!


This article was about when does the among us airship map will come out in 2021 which is related to among us release date. We have also answered the questions which peoples have asked many times. I Hope, you get your answer which helps you.


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